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Faculty of Arts

Adapting teaching to student diversity.

Many British universities have experienced sharp increases in the numbers of international students. Research suggests that… (380 word resource by Mikael Jamin et al.: January 2005).

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Comparison of preferred learning methods between medical students and postgraduate medical staff.

Learning is the basis for undergraduate study and continuing professional development in a broad range of medical specialities. A… (397 word resource by Anette Freyer et al.: September 2006).


Deep learning: why when and how?

There are numerous learning styles described in the literature. In this study two of these different approaches to learning… (377 word resource by Lucy Fairclough, School of Molecular Medical Sciences: September 2004).


An investigation of student learning styles and preferences for different methods of teaching as possible barriers to independent learning.

Understanding the barriers to implementing a student-centred approach to learning is a major step towards forming a strategy to… (427 word resource by Vera Ralevic, School of Biomedical Sciences: September 2004).


New insights into the learning strategies of Chinese students in mainland China and in the UK.

The broadly accepted dogma is that the process of learning involves a motivational impetus and the utilisation of either a … (475 word resource by Peter Marsters et al.: January 2007).


Storytelling and role play in developing communication skills.

I know it's something that you've been interested in for a number of years is the role of storytelling in teaching. Could…

5 min 1s video by Paul Crawford, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy (April 2008)


Teaching media in medical training: what to use and why?

Background: Teaching media used in undergraduate medical training can depend on institution, individual teacher and the subject … (496 word resource by George Vasileiadis et al.: January 2008).

Faculty of Science

Approaches to studying for learning at university.

I thought, well, in a minute, you know, we've done all this sort of paper planning and people and equipment …

4 min 10s video by Stephanie Bridges et al. (November 2009)


Combining visual and auditory teaching methods to suit a range of learning styles.

When I go used to go and see my tutor about my project I used to tape what he said and I explained to him that I am a visual person…

4 min 10s video by Michael Shaw et al. (June 2007)

Faculty of Social Sciences

Addressing student learning diversity with strategies to improve the learning experience.

This study addresses diversity in learning styles of students with strategies to improve the learning experience and module… (413 word resource by Beat Reber, Nottingham University Business School: September 2005).


Do particular students benefit from different teaching methods?

While there is a large literature on alternative teaching practices, there is little quantitative research which examines whether … (487 word resource by Trudy Owens, School of Economics: January 2006).


Do student personality traits influence their evaluations of teaching? Implications for teacher performance assessment procedures.

Are student evaluations of teaching affected by their own characteristic ways of appraising people and situations? Do some … (537 word resource by Duncan Shaw et al.: January 2007).


Implications of the Herrmann brain dominance model for course design: in pursuit of a "whole brain" approach.

Course design is traditionally informed by arguments for teaching and assessment material that facilitate deep and independent … (470 word resource by Mathew Hughes, Nottingham University Business School: January 2007).


Practical solutions to teaching a non-practical subject: alternative teaching methods in the social sciences.

Whilst it is intuitively clear that alternative methods of teaching may convey more information to students, it is often … (471 word resource by Sarah Bridges et al.: January 2006).


Saul Becker on learning to learn at university.

Saul Becker: I teach the first four lectures that our first year students have on a particular module, called Social Problems. …

3 min 16s video by Saul Becker, School of Sociology & Social Policy (May 2011)


Study skills support for international students.

Students can either make appointments to come see me one on one or in a group, and throughout the year, I also…

4 min 30s video by Rebecca Moor et al. (September 2009)

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Understanding evaluation: SET SEM and the student learning ... "Student evaluation procedures play a key role across the HE sector in gauging …"   (Sep 2008; 1765 views)

Mathematics Electronic Learning Environment in Engineering ... "MELEES is a web-based environment, developed since 2002, to support students who …"   (Jul 2004; 739 views)

Asking questions of students in lectures.   (Jul 2004; 2 min 28s video; 734 views)

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