Teaching Methods
Supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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Faculty of Arts

An approach to understanding and developing undergraduate students' research strategies.

Scholarship at university incorporates a number of practices different from the study techniques students develop to succeed at … (473 word resource by Mark Bradley et al.: September 2006).


Managing the personal side of small group teaching.

You have to draw distinctions very much between the teacher and the assessor, and I think all of us have to change hats from time…

2 min 2s video by Hamish Forbes et al. (January 2004)


Support for writing skills.

Students are going to need to develop very high levels of writing and argument and different ways of presenting their ideas …

1 min 46s video by Andrew Fisher, School of Humanities (June 2007)

Faculty of Engineering

Industrially sponsored PhD studentships - deconstructing the triangle.

In 2004 the Quality Assurance Agency for higher Education (QAA0 published its revised code of Practice for Research Degree … (438 word resource by Matthew Hall et al.: January 2007).

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Evaluation of postgraduate research student training and management practices.

The need to ensure appropriate training of PhD students, in preparation for careers both within and outside academia, has been… (402 word resource by Anna Grabowska et al.: September 2004).


The internationalisation of Higher Education: the experience of research students and their supervisors.

Background: This project contributes to the development of appropriate teaching and learning environments for international… (500 word resource by Catrin Evans, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy: September 2005).


Practical laboratory training in scientific research: implications for postgraduate course design.

It is increasingly apparent that many new postgraduate research students have poor basic laboratory skills and require intensive … (412 word resource by Karen Robinson, School of Medical & Surgical Sciences: January 2006).

Faculty of Science

Evaluating the learning outcomes of the undergraduate project: perceptions versus reality.

The undergraduate research (UGR) project is a task commonly undertaken by final year students studying science-based disciplines … (478 word resource by Felicity Rose et al.: January 2006).


Strategies that dyslexic students use when reading.

How do you find doing research where you’re now having to read lots of journal articles and things like that? Can you …

4 min 48s video by Ryan Beardsley et al. (June 2007)

Faculty of Social Sciences

Perceptions of PhD students and supervisors of the academic and transferable skills training at the University of Nottingham.

The last decade has seen the initialisation and development of specific and generic skills training for PhD students at … (499 word resource by Matthew Jones et al.: July 2009).


Research training for doctoral students in Law.

The core research training for new doctoral students in the School of Law is provided via the "Legal Research Methods" module. … (431 word resource by Ezra Hasson, School of Law: September 2004).

Guests of the University

Gina Wisker on supervising students.

Gina Wisker: I think about supervision as a form of teaching and teaching doesn't mean thrusting things down people's throats, it …

10 min 7s video by Gina Wisker, External Consultant (April 2009)

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Understanding evaluation: SET SEM and the student learning ... "Student evaluation procedures play a key role across the HE sector in gauging …"   (Sep 2008; 1765 views)

Mathematics Electronic Learning Environment in Engineering ... "MELEES is a web-based environment, developed since 2002, to support students who …"   (Jul 2004; 739 views)

Asking questions of students in lectures.   (Jul 2004; 2 min 28s video; 734 views)

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