Laboratory of
Biophysics and Surface Analysis


Welcome to the Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis

Head of Division: Professor Morgan Alexander

Academic Staff : Dr Stephanie Allen , Dr Jonathan Aylott , Dr Josephine Bunch , Dr Jonathan Burley Professor Martyn Davies , Dr Frankie Rawson , Professor Clive Roberts , Professor Saul Tendler , Professor Phil Williams , Dr Mischa Zelzer

The Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis is a multi-disciplinary group investigating fundamental and applied biomolecular, biomaterial and (bio)formulation problems at nano and micro scale to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, among many others.

Biophysics explains the biological functions of cells, tissues and organisms in terms of the structure and behaviour of biological molecules. Surface analysis underpins many developments in micro and nanotechnology, particularly in the area of healthcare.

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Recent Publications

HOOK, A.L., CHANG C.-Y., YANG, J., LUCKETT, J., COCKAYNE, A., ATKINSON, S., MEI, Y., BAYSTON, R., IRVINE, D.J., LANGER, R., ANDERSON, D.G., WILLIAMS, P., DAVIES, M.C. and ALEXANDER, M.R., 2012. Combinatorial discovery of polymers resistant to bacterial attachment Nature Biotechnology. 30(9), 868-875 30(9), 868-875


SCOUTARIS, N., ALEXANDER, M.R., GELLERT, P.R. and ROBERTS, C.J., 2011. Inkjet printing as a novel medicine formulation technique Journal of Controlled Release. 156(2), 179-185

DE GRAFF, A.M.R., SHANNON, G., FARRELL, D.W., WILLIAMS, P.M. and THORPE, M.F., 2011. Protein unfolding under force: crack propagation in a network Biophysical Journal. 101(3), 736-744




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