School of Physics & Astronomy

Scientific Talks & Demonstrations

We can offer talks on a wide range of topics in physics and astronomy, including:


  • Gravitational Lensing: revealing the dark side of the Universe (Dr Meghan Gray)
  • The Violent Lives of Galaxies (Dr Meghan Gray)
  • Placing the Timelords on the Kardashev Scale (Prof Frazer Pearce)
  • Exoplanets (Prof Frazer Pearce)
  • SETI: Are we alone? (Prof Frazer Pearce)
  • Megadeath (Prof Frazer Pearce)
  • Global Warming (Prof Frazer Pearce)
  • Life, the Universe and Everything (Prof Frazer Pearce)

  • 21st Century Telescopes (Prof Mike Merrifield)


  • Cosmology: What do we really know about the Universe? (Dr Anne Green)
  • WIMP hunting: the search for dark matter (Dr Anne Green)
  • The real science behind Parallel Universes (Dr Tony Padilla)
  • Black holes and Extra dimensions (Dr Tony Padilla

Medical Physics

  • From Star Trek to Medical Imaging’ A lecture on MRI (Prof Penny Gowland)
  • Applications of Medical Physics (Prof Penny Gowland)

Quantum Physics

  •  Quantum Molecular Tunnelling: The influence of wave-like properties on the dynamics of atoms (Prof Tony Horsewill)


  • Can we do 3D printing with atoms? (Prof Philip Moriarty)
  • When Quantum Physics goes up to 11 (Prof Philip Moriarty)
  • Maybe, Minister: Can science and politics speak the same language? (Prof Philip Moriarty)

We can visit schools and other groups across the country to deliver these talks, or we can present the talk here if you would prefer to visit the University. We also host the Nottingham Physics Centre and the Midland Branch of the Institute of Physics, which deliver a number of physics-related lectures every year. In addition, we can present practical demonstrations of astronomy and physics using experimental apparatus and materials such as liquid nitrogen that are not usually available to these groups.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, or would like to hear about some other topic in modern physics, please contact our Outreach Officer Chris Staddon to organize an appropriate talk for your group.

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