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Peter Morris CBE

Head of Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre, Faculty of Science


  • workRoom MR38 Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre
    University Park
    NG7 2RD
  • work0115 951 4750
  • fax0115 951 5166

Research Summary

Trained in theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge and supervised for a PhD in solid state NMR by Sir Peter Mansfield at Nottingham, I helped, in 1977, to construct the worlds first whole… read more

Recent Publications

  • BAWDEN, S. J., STEPHENSON, M. C., CIAMPI, E., HUNTER, K., MARCIANI, L., MACDONALD, I. A., AITHAL, G. P., MORRIS, P. G. and GOWLAND, P. A., 2016. Investigating the effects of an oral fructose challenge on hepatic ATP reserves in healthy volunteers: A P-31 MRS study CLINICAL NUTRITION. 35(3), 645-649
  • LIDDLE, ELIZABETH B., PRICE, DARREN, PALANIYAPPAN, LENA, BROOKES, MATTHEW J., ROBSON, SIAN E., HALL, EMMA L., MORRIS, PETER G. and LIDDLE, PETER F., 2016. Abnormal salience signaling in schizophrenia: The role of integrative beta oscillations HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING. 37(4), 1361-1374
  • BROOKES, MATTHEW J., TEWARIE, PREJAAS K., HUNT, BENJAMIN A. E., ROBSON, SIAN E., GASCOYNE, LAUREN E., LIDDLE, ELIZABETH B., LIDDLE, PETER F. and MORRIS, PETER G., 2016. A multi-layer network approach to MEG connectivity analysis NEUROIMAGE. 132, 425-438
  • TEWARIE, P., BRIGHT, M. G., HILLEBRAND, A., ROBSON, S. E., GASCOYNE, L. E., MORRIS, P. G., MEIER, J., VAN MIEGHEM, P. and BROOKES, M. J., 2016. Predicting haemodynamic networks using electrophysiology: The role of non-linear and cross-frequency interactions NEUROIMAGE. 130, 273-292

Current Research

Trained in theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge and supervised for a PhD in solid state NMR by Sir Peter Mansfield at Nottingham, I helped, in 1977, to construct the worlds first whole body line-scanning MRI system (now in the London Science Museum). I helped establish the fundamental principles of MRI encapsulated in "Mansfield and Morris" (Academic Press, 1982), which became a source of inspiration to the field for more than a decade. A growing interest in biomedical applications took me to the Medical Research Council's National Biomedical NMR Centre and then to Cambridge as University Lecturer in Biochemistry, where I characterised new NMR cation indicators and was the first to study cardiac calcium transients in intact hearts. I am now Professor of Physics at the University of Nottingham, and Head of the Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre, a research facility for the development of novel magnetic resonance techniques and for their application in biomedical and other fields. Its outstanding contributions were recognised in 2001 through the award to the University of Nottingham of a Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher Education. I lead a major research programme on the development of techniques for single-event fMRI, multimodal imaging (fMRI, EEG and MEG) and the use of 13C MRS to understand the metabolic basis of neural activation - work recognised in the award of the Sylvanus Thompson Lecture and Medal of the British Institute of Radiology in 1995. I have published widely (over 150 full papers, and 200 peer reviewed notes and abstracts), and have given more than 100 plenary / invited lectures at international meetings. I have served on the Board of Trustees of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and chaired its Publication Committee. I was elected President of the Dynamic Spectroscopy Group of the ISMRM for 2000/2001 and President of its UK Chapter (1999-2004). I have served as a Board Member of the MRC on two occasions and as a Panel Member of the UK's Research Assessment Exercise. I hold an MRC Programme Grant on 'Functional neuroimaging at ultra-high magnetic field' and a JIF award to establish a 'National ultra-high-field facility for functional magnetic resonance'. This is housed in an extension of the Sir Peter Mansfield M. R. Centre, which also provides laboratory and office space for a Hyperpolarised Technologies Programme, funded under the joint research councils Basic Technology Programme and a new SRIF funded MEG facility installed in early 2007.

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