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Grants, Bursaries & Prizes

The School of Physics and Astronomy and the University of Nottingham offer the following bursaries and grants which may be of interest during your application.

  • Mary Cannel Scholarships (for summer work in the School)
    The School is able to offer up to five Mary Cannell Scholarships over the summer vacation this year to returning second year or third year students. It is proposed that they will be for a ten week period. In each case, the student will be involved with one of the research groups and last summer they received £120 per week.We will be asking for applications in the Spring term. Successful applicants will be informed as soon as a decision has been made.
  • David Almond Travel Bursary


PricewaterhouseCoopers First Year Prizes

These will be awarded to the students with the best overall marks in their Qualifying Year assessments.

Barton Prize

This Prize is provided from the interest on a fund raised in 1925 in memory of Edwin Henry Barton, DSc, FRS (1858-1925), one of the first students of the University, a member of the Staff for 32 years, Professor of Physics, 1906-25, and Dean of the Faculty or equivalent concerned or equivalent of Pure Science 1924-25.

Bill Moore Prize

Founded in 1985 in memory of Bill Moore and donated by Mrs Caryl Moore. Bill Moore was a member of the School of Physics from 1962 to 1983, when as Reader in Physics, he left to go to the Harvard Medical School. He was a pioneer in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Medical Imaging.

The George Green Prize

This Prize was founded in 1979 from funds provided by the Schools of Mathematics and Physics. George Green (1793-1841) was a self-taught mathematical physicist, a contemporary of Faraday, who lived and worked in Sneinton Mill, Nottingham. His work on electricity, magnetism and wave phenomena not only stimulated the development of classical physics in the 19th century, but was applied in 1949 by Professor R P Feynman to nuclear physics and the theory of elementary particles.

The John Salmon MSci Prize

This Prize was established in 1998 by Mr John Salmon (Physics 1958) Chairman and Chief Executive, Druck Holdings plc.

The Tessella Prize

This prize was established in 2001 by Tessella Support Services plc.

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