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I. Aytac Kadioglu

Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences



Aytac Kadioglu is a doctoral researcher in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham and a fellow of the Centre for Conflict, Security and Terrorism (CST). His dissertation research focuses on the application of conflict resolution procedures towards ending ethno-nationalist conflicts. His research is funded by the Ministry of National Education, the Republic of Turkey. He holds a BA at the School of Political Science from Istanbul University (Turkey) and a Masters at the School of Politics and International Relations from the University of Leicester (UK).

Teaching Summary

  • M11003 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • M11155 Understanding Global Politics
  • M11006 Problems in Global Politics
  • M12005 Global Security

Research Summary

Thesis Title: Conflict Resolution Processess towards Ending Ethno-nationalist Conflicts in Northern Ireland and Turkey


Aytac Kadioglu focuses on non-violent, political resolution efforts in order to end violent conflicts with a particular attention to ethno-nationalist groups. He has two case studies; Northern Ireland and Turkey. The aim of his research is to explore whether conflict resolution processes have an influence to resolve disputes between states and sub-state armed groups in a peaceful meaning.

Aytac's study explores political, non-violent resolution efforts in the Northern Irish conflict in the UK and the Kurdish conflict in Turkey. The conflict resolution efforts of states, sub-state armed groups and independent third parties are assessed to understand official and unofficial peacemaking attempts for ending violent conflicts. In this context, his study specifically explores conflict resolution as a process during the term of violence. Not only official negotiations and mediation, but also resolution attempts of other unofficial groups and actors which help political agents establish peace in a specific region are examined in terms of the troubles of the states with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Recent Publications

  • Kadioglu, I. A. (2016) The End of the Turkey's Kurdish 'Peace Process'?, NottsPolitics, 15 February 2016,
  • Kadioglu, I. A. (2015), 'The Relationship between Rhetoric and Terrorist Violence' edited by A. Smith, Political Studies Review 13, 4.
  • Kadioglu, I. A. (2015), 'Turkey-Syria Relations: Between Enmity and Amity' edited by R. Hinnebusch and O. Tur, Political Studies Review 13, 4.
  • Kadioglu, I. A. (2015), 'Template for Peace: Northern Ireland' by S. McDaid, Political Studies Review 13, 2.
  • Kadioglu, I. A. (2015) 'Countering Terrorism in Britain and France: Institutions, Norms and the Shadow of the Past' by F. Foley, Political Studies Review, 13, 2.
  • Kadioglu, I. A. (2015) 'Northern Ireland, the Reluctant Peace', by F. Cochrane, Political Studies Review, 13, 1.
  • Kadioglu, I. A. (2014) 'Contemporary Conflict Resolution', by O. Ramsbotham, T. Woodhouse and H. Miall, Political Studies Review, 12, 2.
  • Kadioglu, I. A. (2013) Review: Northern Ireland: The Reluctant Peace, NottsPolitics, 25 October 2013,

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