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Fanni Toth

Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences



Fanni Toth is an ESRC-funded doctoral researcher in the School of Politics and International Relations, where she is affiliated with the Centre for Comparative Political Research (CCPR). She researches the process of Europeanization, specifically focusing on the European Union's potential to transfer democratic norms and attitudes. She holds a BA in European Politics, a Masters in Diplomacy and a Masters in International Relations (Research Track), all three from the University of Nottingham.

Teaching Summary

M11153 Introduction to Comparative Politics

M12086 Designing Political Research

Research Summary

Thesis Title: The Powers of Socialization: A Cross-Regional Analysis of EU Impact on Democratic Attitude Change


The thesis examines the impact of the European Union (EU) on changing democratic attitudes in state officials through socialization. In a cross-regional comparative study, it examines socialization of Brussels-based diplomats, selected from a wide spectrum of nations with different types of political relations with the EU, different degrees of geographical proximity to the EU, and different cultural backgrounds. Based on theories of international socialization and theories of 'soft power' in International Relations, the research aims to determine the conditions under which democratic socialization of state officials by the EU is effective. The selected cases for the empirical study will cover new member states of the EU (Central and Eastern Europe), the EU's neighbourhood (the European Neighbourhood Policy), and the 'wider-world' (Southeast Asia).

The study intends to expand current research by providing a cross-regional perspective and an understanding of cultural determinants of Europeanization by means of socialization at the level of individual officials.

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