Closing the Loop


Bridging the gap between provision and implementation of feedback

The Closing the Loop project explores the communication gap between what university teachers write on summative assessments and what students understand and implement from the feedback.

The project explores themes commonly identified by lecturers from the students' perspective with the aim of developing a set of phrases that convey the university teachers' meaning and that the students understand how to implement.

The project output will be a database of successful feedback released as a series of open electronic resources that academics can implement to improve the effective conveyance of implementable feedback.

Graham Thompson and Rachel Sykes


Funded by:

The Higher Education Academy


Closing the loop: bridging the gap between provision and implementation of feedback

NSS scores across disciplines and universities consistently show that feedback-related questions receive the poorest scores from students. Besides poor general feelings about the feedback they have received, there is a stark gap between students' estimations of the level of detail and promptness of the feedback compared to their ability to implement the feedback: there are large, persistent gaps between responses to 'I have received detailed comments on my work' and 'Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understand'.



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