CHART and CHART Online

PRIMIS develops software tools, audit tools and specification documents.

PRIMIS software tools CHART and CHART Online enable GP practices to use our audit tools to extract, analyse and review data from their electronic patient records, in order to:

  • improve patient care
  • undertake easy clinical audit
  • assure the completeness and accuracy of their patient records
  • participate in national data collection activities

PRIMIS primarily uses the nationally mandated MIQUEST software to perform data extractions on GP IT systems. We prepare pre-written MIQUEST queries (referred to as audit tools), which can be downloaded via our CHART software tool.



CHART is a Microsoft Excel-based software tool that can be installed on any PC within a GP practice. The software prepares the audit tools for running on the practice's IT system and provides instant analysis and display of the audit response files on re-load to CHART.

Results are displayed in a number of useful ways: a dashboard providing a graphical snapshot of care at practice population level and interactive graphs that enable practices to drill down to a datasheet to examine care at an individual patient level.

CHART helps practices to identify patients of interest or concern. Since CHART is an Excel-based tool, practices are able to generate lists of patients within spreadsheets, which can be saved for future reference, printed or used with other applications.

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Many of our audit tools can also work with CHART Online. CHART Online enables practices to compare their data to others in their locality and benchmark against national data if they wish to do so. CHART Online is a secure, central database storage facility with assocated online reporting and interactive display functionality, held at The University of Nottingham. Results are displayed via a web browser.

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Guides and documents

CHART 2017 flyer

Please note that since the launch of new CHART [9th May 2017] all documentation for CHART are now only accessible via the CHART front screen (in the CHART software itself).

Please click on the guide-documents icon on the CHART home screen to be taken to an online area with all the instruction and guidance documentation.

Important notice

PRIMIS audit tools are designed simply to signpost GPs and are not intended to influence clinical decision making. Any action should be as a result of performing a clinical review with patients based upon individual circumstances. 

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