Professional Development

Training Courses

Professional Development offers a wide range of short courses.

How can I choose the right course?

In order to choose the right course for you, you may find it helpful to think about the following questions;

  • What do you want to learn? Find out what skills you want or need to improve using the Planning section of this website. Knowing what you would like to get out of a course beforehand will also be very useful on the day when you can ask the trainer for answers to your questions and advice.
  • Is a course the best option? Make sure that you have explored the other possibilities open to you in the Developing section of this website. You may find that another option will be a more effective development opportunity or will fit in better with your other commitments.
  • How much time can you commit? If a course has more than one date or involves several events then you need to be able to commit to the full programme.
  • What am I going to do after the course? Having a plan will help you make the most of your opportunities whilst you are on the course you have chosen or undertaking an alternative development activity. For more information on planning your development, see the Planning section of this website.

Training for Departments and Schools

Schools are allocated a set amount of money each year from Professional Development to facilitate staff development activities such as away days and in-house events.

Professional Development can help develop and support these activities. Assistance can be given with the planning and design of activities, to source materials, to identify external speakers and venues and to provide hands on presentations and facilitation. However, organisation and administration of the event is the responsibility of the School/Unit. Often the SSDF is utilised to run team events and Professional Development is able to help you plan specific programmes to meet your particular needs. Listed below is a quick guide to the sorts of events we have facilitated for team-building/team-working in the past and we would be happy to develop such programmes for teams in your area.

  • Team Building – designed to enable a team to talk about how to improve working together with lots of opportunities to participate in team building exercises.
  • Positive Professional Behaviour – a highly interactive course about customer service.
  • Working with International Students – a course designed to take a general look at the issues of cross-cultural working and communication. The course can be adapted to look at specific cultures.
  • Team Communication – a course designed to encourage a team to analyse how they communicate with each other and explore improvements.
  • Project Management – this course is especially useful for teams’ working with complex deadlines across a range of projects.
  • Telephone Skills – this course utilising ‘in classroom’ telephone equipment to enable your team to practice telephone skills using scenarios developed by team members.
  • Strategic Direction – this is a facilitated planning session to enable you to involve your team in contributing to strategic direction.
  • Team Role Analysis – the unit now has two qualified Belbin Team Role analysts to help your team understand how they relate to each other in the team working environment.

Please contact David Burns or Martin Cussons for advice or assistance.

External Training Courses

If you have a training need that is not covered by the Unviersity, then funding is available to enable you to attend external courses.

The Individual Development Fund is designed to financially assist all members of staff undertaking vocationally relevant courses/qualifications where no equivalent internal provision is available.

Process for Application

  • All members of staff may apply to PD for a contribution towards the costs of fees on external and internal courses/qualifications (please note exclusions).
  • The support of the School/Department will be required from each applicant.
  • You must make your application using the Individual Development Fund Application Form
  • The Individual Development Fund Panel will decide whether to fund an application.
  • Closing dates for applications are 30th September and 28th February.
  • Applications which miss a closing date will be returned to the applicant and it will have to be re-submitted for another panel.
  • The Panel will meet 1 week after the closing date and you will be informed of the Panel's decision within 2 weeks of this meeting.

For further information regarding the application process, including criteria for funding, please refer to the Individual Development Fund application form.

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