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Cognition & Language

Spatial cognition: A participant searches for a hidden target using a touch screen display
The Cognition and Language group conducts basic and applied research into human cognition and language. Cognitive themes include decision-making and reinforcement learning; emotion-based memory and spatial navigation. Language themes include multilingualism and comprehension of irony. They have close links to the Human Development and Learning Group, in particular in the study of developmental disorders such as ADHD and autism, and to the Visual Neuroscience Group with the study of cognitive ageing. The Accident Research Unit is closely integrated with the Cognitive and Language Group. Recently funded projects include the spatiotemporal characterisation of value judgement (BBSRC) and skills underlying maths (ESRC).


Harriet Allen, Peter Chapman, Lucy Cragg, Claudia Danielmeier, Jan DerrfussRuth Filik, Matias Ison, Danielle Ropar, Elizabeth Sheppard, Jonathan Stirk, Richard Tunney, Walter van Heuven, Ed Wilding, Chris Madan




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