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Child doing experiment in front of camera at Summer Scientist Week

The Human Development and Learninggroup uses a range of methods to approach the core question of how children develop and learn, and how atypical development differs. They have particular expertise in autism and in development over the primary school years, and benefit from the annual Summer Scientist Week event, which enables intensive research studies of primary school age children. Most group members are based in Psychology, but the group collaborates with colleagues in the Division of Psychiatry, Education and Computer Science, including the Horizon project on digital futures.  Recently funded projects include the development of cognitive control (ESRC) and differences in how people with autism learn driving skills (Leverhulme Trust).


Harriet Allen, Lucy CraggShiri EinavRuth FilikPeter Mitchell, Nicola PitchfordDanielle Ropar, Elizabeth Sheppard, Jonathan Stirk 



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