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Postgraduate student having her eye movements monitored


The Perception and Action group studies the mechanisms that allow people to plan and control their actions and interpret and understand the actions of others.  Methods include fMRI, DTI TMS, tDCS, MEG, EEG and the use of robotic and virtual reality interfaces. Their research focuses on goal-directed hand action, but also covers unintentional motor acts, automatic mimicry, perception of the body and the space immediately surrounding the body. Investigations cover the lifespan from 4 years of age to old age, encompassing congenital, developmental, degenerative and stroke-related brain abnormalities. Recently funded projects include studies of neural plasticity in the motor system (BBSRC), of self-perception (ESRC) and of social cognition (ESRC funded).

Nick Holmes, Stephen Jackson, Roger Newport, Martin Schürmann, Deborah Serrien




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