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Guidelines for Honorary Appointments

The scheme for Honorary Professors is administered through the Registrar's Office.  If you have any queries or need further information not covered in the guidance below please contact Lindsey Jones (extn. 15201).

There are four categories of Honorary Appointments within the University:

  • Honorary Professor (dealt with centrally)
  • Honorary Associate Professor (Schools to appoint/review)
  • Honorary Assistant Professor (Schools to appoint/review)
  • Industrial Fellow (Schools to appoint/review)
  1. The original aim of the Honorary Appointments is to enable the strengthening links with industry, commerce and the professions.  They are part-time and involve varying and flexible teaching duties (ie. occasional seminars or lectures), collaboration in research, or joint supervision for postgraduate research, but no executive or administrative functions.  They confer a courtesy status, and the right to use University facilities (see further information on access, below) and attend degree ceremonies, but not to be a member of Council or Senate.
  2. The categories represent different status in University terms and, whilst not prescriptive, the following guide may be helpful.

    • The title Honorary Professor is appropriate for someone worthy of a Chair position at the University or the equivalent, ie. someone very eminent in their field.  Nominations for serving academics from other universities (whether in the UK or abroad) may be considered only if they hold professorial positions within those institutions.  Two references external to the University are required when submitting a nomination.  Schools are responsible for taking up references and ensuring that the referees are of suitable seniority whether inside or outside academia.  The recommendation for an appointment should include a note of the role or status of each referee.  It is advisable to have one of the referees independent of the current employer of the person being nominated.  In addition, existing Honorary Professors should not be asked to provide references as this would not be considered to be external to the University for this purpose.
    • The title Honorary Associate Professor should only be conferred on those who would be deemed appropriate for an Associate Professor appointment within the University.
    • Honorary Assistant Professor status applies to the majority of appointments made.
    • The title Industrial Fellow was originally designed for appointments in the Engineering Faculty or elsewhere to promote research relationships between the Department/School and industry and should therefore be used only where appropriate.
  3. Heads of School are sent details of the scheme in February each year asking for any Honorary Professor recommendations.  These will be considered by a Pro-Vice-Chancellor (acting on delegated authority from Council), supported by the Registrar.
  4. Appointments are made for a three-year period, from 1 August, after which time the School has the option to renew the appointment for a further period.  All letters of appointment to Honorary Professors are issued centrally and copied to the Head of School.
  5. If the person making a recommendation (which should be submitted using the appropriate form) is not a Head of School, then confirmation is required that the Head of School is aware of the nomination and is in agreement. 
  6. Proposals should be channelled through the appropriate School via the School Manager/Administrator.  The Schools will set their own internal deadline for proposals before the Honorary Professor nominations are forwarded to the Registrar's Office.

    Please note that, because of the special circumstances there, the School of Medicine has a different application form for Honorary Professor nominations so please contact the School of Medicine Staffing Administrator for details.  

    In addition, applications from UNNC and UNMC and from within the Faculty of Engineering, UK should be channelled through the appropriate Dean/Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellor. 


Further information on access to the University's facilities

Honorary Appointments are able to secure access to some of the University's facilities as set out below:

  • Access to IT facilities - Honorary Appointments are entitled to have access to the University's IT facilities (ie. email, etc).  The relevant School Manager should be the first contact to arrange the setting up of an associate account.  Please note that an assessment is made on an individual basis to confirm requirements and this is done at School level.  The University has licence agreements in place, governing the use of software by staff and students, and must ensure that these are not breached.
  • Access to libraries - All Honorary Appointments are able to obtain an Associate University Card, which gives access to the libraries, however, they must be registered first as an associate in the University's IT accounts system (as set out above).

    Note for Honorary Appointee - once set up on the IT system you may visit the Security Office at the rear of the Hallward Library on University Park where a photograph will be taken and the associate card produced.  Should access to restricted buildings be required then the account sponsor will be contacted to determine the access rights applicable.
  • Sports facilities - Honorary Appointments wishing to use the University's sports facilities should contact the David Ross Sports Village directly either in person or by phoning 0115 7487000.  Proof of status for an Honorary Appointment would be their invitation letter from the Registrar or School.  Associate sports and fitness memberships allow use of the sports facilities across all three campuses (University Park, Jubilee and Sutton Bonington) - including fitness suites, group exercise classes, court and pitch bookings and at the David Ross Sports Village the swimming pool and climbing wall.



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