Advanced Materials Research Group
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Advanced Materials Research Group

The Advanced Materials Research Group (AMRG) is one of the largest research groups in the faculty with 17 full members and three active associated members. It has an active grant research income of ca. £7M and a dynamic and wide aging portfolio of applications to funders.

The unifying theme of the AMRG is the ‘process-structure-property’ interrelationship of materials


The Advanced Materials Research Group is building a dynamic, interactive community in materials research to advance technical excellence through collaborative, innovative research in science and engineering. The group will continue to develop and train highly qualified researchers; conduct internationally leading research in materials science and engineering and interact with stakeholders to achieve knowledge transfer.


Key aims and expertise

We aim to explore the links between the processing of materials, the development of their microstructures and their useful functional properties across a range of applications.

Our goal is to enhance the performance of existing materials and develop new materials with new functions.

AMRG is a key research engine to the Faculty of Engineering and The University of Nottingham, delivering quality advanced materials research into eleven of the University's Research Priority Areas (RPAs), namely:

  • aerospace and transport technologies
  • advanced manufacturing
  • modelling in an uncertain world
  • energy
  • advanced molecular materials
  • regenerative medicine and stem cells
  • translational biomedical imaginghealthcare technologies
  • antimicrobial resistance and muscoskeletal health

While integrating four of the five University Global Research Theme areas.

Research themes:

Shape Memory Alloy Demonstration

David Grant demonstrates the shape memory effect and superelastic effect in NiTi alloys.

Download PDF of more information about shape memory alloys

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Advanced Materials Research Group

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