Advanced Materials Research Group
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Renewable energy and energy storage are critical for a future sustainable world. Advanced Materials Research Group (AMRG) has expertise in many of these areas from hydrogen and thermal storage through to organic PVs to solidoxide fuel cells. 
Energy Materials

Energy Materials



Hydrogen storage materials

Investigating solid state hydrogen storage materials for applications ranging from stationary (e.g. domestic energy) to vehicles and to portable appliances (e.g. laptops and mobile phones). Designing novel materials such as metal hydrides, complex hydrides and multicomponent systems, Developing catalysts for existing hydrogen storage materials, investigating hydriding kinetics, hydrogen compressors, large scale stores.

Modelling and designing of hydrogen and thermal storage systems

The thermal management of a hydrogen store containing a solid state storage medium is key to the efficacy of such a system. Utilising the waste heat from the other components in the system (e.g. a fuel cell), engineering to accommodate the changing properties of the storage medium during cycling and fast start-up times are just some of the applications The cycling performance of the storage materials and the effect of contaminants in the gas supply are being investigated.



Research into integrated systems involving energy storage devices in combination with renewable and conventional energy generation from small scale to large scale applications in industry and domestic environments

Organic Semiconductiors

Development, characterisation and testing of new organic devices based on organic electronics, solar cells and biosensors. 


Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

New functional oxides developed through deep understanding of composition structure relationships with long term stability and commercial viability reducing SOFC operating temperatures from 700-800C down to 500 – 600 C. 
Organic SemiconductiorsDevelopment, characterisation and testing of new organic devices based on organic electronics, solar cells and biosensors.


The field of tribology is an important research area in Energy materials for large and small energy plant.  The research here focuses on hard particles,   fretting wear, sliding wear and wear testing to simulate service conditions



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