Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology
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NameTelephoneJob DescriptionContact


Ban, Lu0115 74 86369Postdoctoral ResearcherEnvelope Icon
Batchelor, Jonathan0115 8466947Consultant DermatologistEnvelope Icon
Bath-Hextall, Fiona0115 82 30884Professor in Evidence-Based Health CareEnvelope Icon
Burden-Teh, Esther0115 (84)68633Clinical Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Chalmers, Joanne0115 823 2435Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Davies-Jones, Susan0115 84 68623Research NurseEnvelope Icon
Doney, Liz0115 8468628Trials Search Co-Ordinator - Information SpecialistEnvelope Icon
Dowey, Shelley0115 84 68622Clinical Trials Development Manager-UK Dermatology Clinical Trials NetworkEnvelope Icon


Grindlay, Douglas0115 8468624 (Tu-Th), 0115 8231113 (Fr & Mo)Information SpecialistEnvelope Icon


Layfield, Carron0115 846 8625UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network (UK DCTN) and CEBD Centre ManagerEnvelope Icon
Llewellyn, Joanne0115 82 31042Research NurseEnvelope Icon


Maston, Barbara0115 84 68631Research AdministratorEnvelope Icon
Mcphee, Maggie0115 84 68621/ 82 30605Research Co-ordinatorEnvelope Icon
Mead, Emma0115 846 8635Cochrane Systematic Review MethodologistEnvelope Icon


Prescott, Lauran/aCochrane Skin Group Managing EditorEnvelope Icon


Ratib, Sonia0115 7286370Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Ravenscroft, Jane0115 9249924 x68479Consultant Dermatologist and honorary consultant lecturerEnvelope Icon
Rogers, Natasha0115 846 8721Research Scientist (Communications and Impact)Envelope Icon


Scott, Helen0115 84 68626Administrative AssistantEnvelope Icon
Simpson, Rosalind0115 8432436NIHR Doctoral Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Thomas, Kim0115 846 8632Professor of Applied Dermatology Research & Co-Director of the Centre of Evidence Based DermatologyEnvelope Icon


Whittingham, Margaret0115 8231048Administrator to Professor HC WilliamsEnvelope Icon
Wilkes (née Hinchliffe), Sally0115 84 68629Assistant Professor in Medical StatisticsEnvelope Icon
Williams, Hywel0115 823 1048Professor of Dermato-Epidemiology & Co-Director of the Centre of Evidence Based DermatologyEnvelope Icon

Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology

The University of Nottingham
King's Meadow Campus
Lenton Lane
Nottingham, NG7 2NR

telephone: +44 (0) 115 823 1048