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Eczema treatment reviews

Collation of evidence: randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews for eczema treatments

Keeping up to date with the rapidly increasing evidence base for eczema treatment is challenging.

As part of a programme grant from the NIHR, we have produced a systematic scoping review which evaluates all 287 randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of eczema treatments published between 2000 and 2013. The review encompasses 92 different treatments, and in each case, evaluates the evidence available from RCTs and systematic reviews. 

Scoping systematic review of treatments for eczema
Programme Grants for Applied Research
Volume: 4, Issue:7, Year 2016

  • The review is an update of an NIHR HTA report comissioned previously, which evaluated eczema treatment RCTs published prior to the millennium (Hoare et. al 2000).  

  • Although the review spans over 500 pages, we have summarised the key findings  in a paper published in the British Journal of dermatology, titled What is the evidence-base for atopic eczema treatments? A summary of published randomised controlled trials. This paper also looks at more recent systematic reviews (published upto the end of 2015) for the treatments evaluated. 

  • You may also be interested in:
    • GREAT database: Contains details of randomised controlled trials of eczema treatments published from 2000 onward.
    • Maps of Systematic Reviews: A list of systematic reviews on eczema (including treatments) categorised according to topic. Updated monthly. 

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