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Current PhD Students

PhD Students

Theofanis Ampatzidis

Theofanis Ampatzidis

PhD: Wave propagation and Αcoustics of Periodic Composite and Hybrid Structures and Optimisation

Supervisors: Dr Dimitrios Chronopoulos, Prof Seamus Garvey and Prof Shuguang Li

Research summary

My research is on Acoustics and Wave Propagation and Vibration of Composite and Hybrid Materials. The focus is aimed at the periodic structures, and more specifically at the band gaps (frequencies where any vibration is annihilated) that these structures exhibit. Furthermore, optimisation methods are examined and developed to achieve the best solutions of periodic structures, concerning structural characteristics and banded behaviour. Experimental validation in vibration experimental setup is, also, conducted.

Rilwan Kayode Apalowo

Rilwan Kayode Apalowo

PhD: Wave propagation and nonlinear interaction phenomenon in periodic composite structures

Supervisors: Dr Dimitrios Chronopoulos, Dr Savvas Triantafyllou and Dr Gregor Tanner

Research summary and background

The extensive usage of composite materials in modern industrial applications implies a great range of possible structural failure modes for which the structure has to be frequently and thoroughly inspected. Linear ultrasonic guided wave techniques have been widely employed for this purpose. The techniques are primarily sensitive to gross defects but much less sensitive to micro localised damage, which is more common in composite structures. This research is therefore aimed at developing efficient and versatile computational models for elastic wave propagation characteristics, and interaction phenomenon of the wave with linear or/and nonlinear structural damage or discontinuities.


Felix Biertümpfel

PhD: Space Launcher Validation and Verification using IQCs

Supervisors: Dr Harald Pfifer and Prof Atanas Popov

Research summary

The objective of this PhD is to provide new tools and methods for the uncertainty modeling, control system design verification based non-linear analysis of space launchers. Furthermore, novel control design approaches for their recovery shall be developed. Guaranteed analysis results shall be based on the use of Integral Quadratic Constraints (IQC). Moreover, the same IQC analysis theorems shall be utilized for controller synthesis via re-parameterization of the IQC analysis problem. Both elements will be directly applied and demonstrated on an experimental re-usable lander flight control system using extensive flight test campaigns.

Victor Thierry

Victor Thierry

PhD: The application of advanced and integrated health monitoring systems to complex, composite systems for aerospace for enhanced life cycle and operational capability

Supervisors: Dr Dimitrios Chronopoulos and Prof Ian Ashcroft

Location: Institute for Aerospace Technology and Composites Research Group

Research summary and background

My project focus is in damage detection in composites structures for aerospace application. Understanding the propagation and reflection pattern of waves in structures through finite element modelling of damages in textile composite. The final aim would be to build an industrial system enabling the detection of damages not only on ‘off-line’ aircrafts but also on ‘in-line’ aircrafts.


Graduated from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France) – Master in Mechanical Systems Engineering, specialising in modelling and optimization of products and structures.


Xu Ming




Mingming Xu

PhD: Simulation of the Textile Composite Containment Casings Subject to FBO 

Supervisors: Dr. Elena Sitnikova and Prof. Shuguang Li


Research summary

Previous research has been conducted on the subject through an industrially sponsored project for development of composite containment casings for civil aero-engines.  The proposed project is to follow some of the important issues left behind from the previous project to help with the establishment of the capability of modelling and simulating such impacts.




Sergio Cantero Chinchilla

PhD: Development of an optimal experimental strategy for ultrasonic GW-based SHM of aerospace composites. 

Supervisors: Dr. Arthur Jones and Dr. Dimitrios Chronopoulos

Research summary 

My current research is focused on developing methodologies based on Bayesian inverse problems to optimise the SHM configuration to detect damage in composite structures.






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