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Corpus Stylistics Workshop 2014



This workshop aimed to contribute to the growing area of research that employs corpus linguistic methods in the study of literary texts. The papers in the workshop addressed research questions in 'corpus stylistics' from a variety of angles: with a focus on literary effects, differences between genres, literary translation, cognitive approaches and the reading experience. The workshop also presented corpus software that is specifically designed to support the analysis of literary texts.

The workshop was held at the Humanities Building (No. 55 on the campus map).


Time Title Speaker
13.00-13.15: Introduction to Workshop
13.15-13.45 “Serious vs. popular fiction: Contextualising commonalities and differences” Rocio Montoro
13.45-14.15 “Verbs of Remembering and Forgetting in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons: A Corpus-Informed Stylistic Analysis” Ernestine Lahey
14.15-14.45 “The application of principal component analysis to literary translations. Comparing the Italian translations of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness” Lorenzo Mastropierro
14.45-15.15: COFFEE BREAK
15.15-15.45 “Keyword and cluster analysis in Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway and literary interpretation of the novel” Anna Cermakova
15.45-16.15 “The corpus stylistic analysis of prose fiction” Dan McIntyre & Brian Walker

“Psycholinguistic methods to study the reading of Dickens’s characters”

Kathy Conklin
16.45-17.15 “CLiC Dickens: Towards a cognitive corpus stylistics of characterisation” Michaela Mahlberg, Peter Stockwell & Rein Sikveland
17.15: Discussion and round-up

Workshop convenors

ICAME conference

  • Participants of the Corpus Stylistics Workshop also had the opportunity to attend the ICAME conference opening talk by Professor Ronald Carter (“Corpus, context, culture: histories and futures” at 18.00)

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