George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research
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About Us

The George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research (GGIEMR) was established in 2004, as a result of many years of electromagnetics research at The University of Nottingham. The Institute is named after George Green (14 July 1793 – 31 March 1841), a Nottingham scientist whose work has influenced generations of engineers worldwide. Engineering work has a long tradition in Nottingham and the Institute was founded with the aim of establishing a focus for the electromagnetic design of systems especially at high frequencies and of fostering multi-disciplinary work.

Ana Vukovic
Some of our researchers from the George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research

The main theme of the work of the institute is the development of predictive techniques for electromagnetic design which take full advantage of the systematic analytical work going back two centuries, and the more recent developments in numerical modelling and simulation using computational platforms. The rapid development of clocked digital systems operating in the Gigahertz range, extensive wireless and broadband technologies and their introduction to virtually every engineering device or system has generated an urgent need to understand and design systems operating at microwave or optical frequencies.

At these frequencies traditional lumped circuit descriptions (network paradigm) are inadequate and engineering intuition needs to be underpinned by suitable numerical models of systems based on Maxwell’s equation (field paradigm). It is in this area that the institute is positioned. The institute maintains a varied portfolio of research work and collaborates with many different agencies to support its work.

The vision of the institute encompasses research into modelling techniques which bridge on the one hand conventional engineering macro models with atomistic models at the micro and nano scale, and on the other, the behaviour of a collection of systems and their inherent complexity.

George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research

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