Research and Knowledge Transfer

Institute of Biophysics, Imaging and Optical Science (IBIOS)

In a world where scientific questions are becoming increasingly complex scientists and engineers must respond by spanning the traditional boundaries between disciplines in order to develop the more sophisticated tools required to conduct leading research. With this in mind, IBIOS was formed in 2007 to provide an environment in which researchers from a range of disciplines can work in a close knit community, with integrated facilities, in physical proximity and shared research agenda. We see this as the key to a successful interdisciplinary research programme.


Key aims and expertise

IBIOS provides a unique combination of research disciplines spanning engineering, science and medicine sharing space and facilities.

Our research mission combines state of the art developments in imaging technologies with curiosity driven research into cellular biology.

Current projects


EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine


Research team

  • Paul O'Shea (Director)
  • Melissa Mather (Deputy Director)
  • Mike Somekh
  • Kevin Webb
  • Roger Light
  • Amanda Wright
  • Joanna Richens
  • Richard Smith
  • Jing Zhang
  • Emilia Moradi
  • Suejit Pechprasarn
  • Darren Albutt
  • Christian Pascut
  • Matthew Moles
  • Kelly Vere
  • Jordan Lane
  • Feng Hu
  • Jing Wang
  • Paul Goodwin
  • Fernando Perez-Cota
  • Rebecca Choi
  • Kimberley Powell
  • Sidahmed Abayzeed
  • David Jung
  • Tshum
  • Franco Reina
  • Menqi Shen
  • Mina Mossayebi
  • Aishah Mustapha

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