Industrial Microwave Processing
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Microwave Processing

The NCIMP is committed to delivering economic value to our partners through safe and innovative scale-up of microwave heating processes.


The NCIMP conducts
multi-disciplinary research, development and commercialisation studies into microwave heating technologies which deliver economic and technical benefits across fields as diverse as food, fuels, mineral processing, pharmaceuticals and recycling.

Key aims and expertise

Expertise in the NCIMP is highly multi-disciplinary and spans process engineering, electrical and microwave engineering, process assessment and materials science.

Commercialisation based on a fundamental understanding of the interaction between electromagnetic energy and materials leads to the development of sustainable energy efficient products and processes.

Our researchers have access to world-class laboratories and the latest equipment as well as advanced computing resources. Strong links to global industry, government departments and other institutions world-wide give rise to world class collaborative partnerships.

We value industry engagement in applied research and we understand the strategic challenges that industry is facing and the opportunities for innovation to unlock and deliver value and competitive advantage.

Our work with industry sponsors is always based on mutual understanding and genuine shared interest, with a focus on the highest quality delivery to commercial timescales.


Industrial Microwave Processing Research Group

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