Polymer Composites Research Group

Textile composite materials consist of a polymer matrix (thermoplastic or thermoset) combined with a textile reinforcement. Materials of particular interest to the group include commingled glass/polypropylene fabrics, dry fabrics (woven, warp-knitted or braided) combined with thermoset resins via liquid moulding, and carbon/epoxy thermoset prepregs. Typical applications range from high performance aerospace components to structural parts for high volume cars.

Our current activities are focused on prediction of processing, mechanical and functional properties of textile composites. Here predictive models are developed based on our textile modelling schema, TexGen. These are then implemented within macroscopic models for manufacturing processes and subsequent performance. The overall philosophy is outlined on the left.


Textile composite materials

This work is funded primarily by EPSRC in collaboration with industrial partners. We have recently been awarded a Platform Grant by EPSRC in recognition of our leading position in this field. 

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Other current projects include:

  • Advanced composite truss structures (ACTS)
  • Analysis and modeling of advanced preform processing (AMAPP)
  • Fatigue, damping and impact properties of textile composites (FDIComp)
  • Multi-scale integrated modelling for high performance flexible materials
  • Simulation and modelling of 3D woven fabrics for structural composites (3DSimComs)
  • Warpage compensation in composite laminate manufacture (WILMA)


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Professor Andrew Long
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