Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group
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Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research Group

One of the largest research groups in its field worldwide, the Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group (PEMC) has world leading research activities across a range of fields including:

  • Power electronic energy conversion, conditioning and control
  • Power electronics integration, packaging and thermal management
  • Motor drives and motor control
  • Electrical machines
Research in the group ranges from basic technology investigation to fully engineered advanced concept demonstrators and is underpinned by world class experimental and workshop facilities allowing realistic practical validation of novel components and systems.

Key aims and expertise

The group mission is to sustain an internationally renowned research portfolio spanning all key power electronic disciplines from power device and component technology to complete power conversion systems. In this respect the group is unique, in that it has world-class expertise and experimental facilities encompassing all of these disciplines.

Current projects

Alstom Grid Centre of Excellence

The PEMC has a substantial reputation for research in the area of Voltage Source Converter (VSC) based HVDC systems and has developed a strong working relationship with Alstom Grid, establishing the “Alstom Centre of Excellence” at the University of Nottingham in 2012. Alstom Grid are at the forefront of the development of new power converter topologies for future VSC-HVDC systems.


Cummins Innovation Centre

The Cummins Innovation Centre pulls together academic staff and researchers with a range of allied engineering expertise to form a true multidisciplinary team which can effectively and holistically look at electrical machine systems and their integration within high-performance applications.


EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics

The PEMC has played a pivotal role in establishing the EPSRC centre for “Underpinning Technologies in Power Electronics” which was announced in March 2013. The Centre has its hub at Nottingham and brings together the 6 leading UK groups. The EPSRC large capital equipment award (£2.76M) for equipment to underpin power electronics research and refurbishment of existing PEMC laboratories was awarded in 2013. Over the next 5 years key aims include the establishment of the hub (including appointment of new academic staff) for the recently awarded EPSRC centre; seeking strategic partners at international level, further increasing profile with our international industry partners and engaging pro-actively in proposed EU-Aerospace industry programmes (Clean Sky); and establishment of a research programme bridging the gap between advanced manufacturing and power electronics.

Launched in July 2013, the EPSRC Centre will be the UK’s internationally recognized provider of world-leading, underpinning power electronics research, combining the UK’s best academic talent. It will focus on sustaining and growing power electronics in the UK by delivering transformative and exploitable new technologies, highly skilled people and by providing long-term strategic value to the UK power electronics industry.



Electric bike

A team from the PEMC Research Group is involved in constructing and racing an electric bike. You can find out more by visiting the projects webpage.


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Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group

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