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Tony Fitzpatrick graduated in 1990 with a first class honours degree in Literature and Philosophy and a Masters degree in Politics and Political Philosophy. He joined Nottingham University in 2000.

He received his PhD in 1996 from Edinburgh University on the subject of Basic Income, a revised version of which (Freedom and Security) was brought out in 1999; this was published in Japanese in 2006. Two other books have also been translated into foreign languages and Understanding the Environment and Social Policy is currently being translated into both Chinese and Korean. Overall, his work has been translated into six languages.

Tony has been the Treasurer of the Social Policy Association (2003-06) and was Co-Editor of Policy & Politics for four years (2009-12), one of the world's foremost journals in the field of public administration.

He has published widely in various journals and his most recent books are Understanding the Environment and Social Policy (2011), Welfare Theory (2nd edition, 2011), International Handbook on Social Policy & the Environment (2014), Climate Change & Poverty (2014) and A Green History of the Welfare State (2017). He was also principal editor of the 1 million word International Encyclopedia of Social Policy (3 volumes, 2006); " other publication has the breadth of International Encyclopedia of Social Policy. Unlike any other work in this area, it is a solid and successful attempt to make sense of the complex and dynamic field of social policy." (Joanne Donatiello, Reference & User Services Quarterly, 47(3): 291).

His next book, due for publication in 2018, is: How to Live Well: Epicurus as a Guide to Social Reform (Edward Elgar).

His research interests revolve around social, political and ethical theories of welfare and social policy. His teaching includes: Poverty & Social Exclusion; Political, Moral and Philosophical Theories of Welfare; Climate Change & Global Warming.

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3197-8389

Research Summary

His research interests include political and social theories of welfare, the future of social democratic politics, environmentalism and social policy.

Past Research

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