New Students - 2018 Entry

If you're an undergraduate student with home* fee status starting at The University of Nottingham in September 2018 there are several types of bursary and scholarship on offer. To be eligible to apply for most of these funds you must be liable for the home undergraduate tuition fee and not be in receipt of a bursary from outside the University. 

Check out the list below and click on each item for more information.

University Bursaries

These bursaries are guaranteed which means if you meet the eligibility criteria you will definitely get the award. The awards included in this category are the Core Bursary and the Nottingham Potential Bursary


The Stoneygate Award

The Stoneygate Award offers awards of £30,000 to certain prospective, undergraduate  students - see The Stoneygate Award web Page.


The Halford Scholarship Programme

Nottingham alumnus Andrew Halford has generously established this major new award for undergraduate students entering the University from September 2018 - see The Halford Scholarship Programme web page.


 * A 'home' student is one who meets certain UK residence criteria. These are the same criteria as apply to eligibility for home funding from the Student Loans Company.