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General Services 

How do I request transcripts?
There are two different types of transcripts: graduate transcripts and provisional transcripts. You can order these online by visiting the Official Documents and Letters  page.


Do I need to pay Council tax?

Whilst you are a full time student at the University of Nottingham, you do not need to pay Council Tax. The Student Services Centre sends a list of exempt students to local Councils so you will need to contact your Council to inform them that you are a student. However, if you do not live in the local area, you will have to request a Council Tax Exemption Certificate. To find out if you qualify for automatic exemption, or to request the document, please visit the Official Documents and Letters page.



How do I request a letter to confirm my student status?
During your time at the University, you may be asked to confirm your status as a current student. A confirmation of student status letter will verify: your course details and start date, your tuition fee liability, your expected completion date and your graduation date (if applicable). To find out more and to request a letter, please visit the Official Documents and Letters page.


How do I request a CAS?
If you need to extend your Tier 4 Student Visa whilst studying at the University of Nottingham, you may be asked to provide a CAS. For information on how to request a CAS, please visit the Registry pages .


For more information about the services offered by the Student Services Centres, please visit the Student Services pages.

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Academic Support 

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I had extra time for exams in school/college; will I receive this at university?

As long as you can provide satisfactory evidence of the reasons for your extra time, it will be put in place for you at university.  



I had extra help at school; is this available here?

Yes. To find out more refer to Individual Specialist Support. To access this support make an appointment with an Academic Support Tutor. 



Is there anyone in my School at university that I can talk to if an issue arises about my reasonable adjustments?

Yes. All Academic Schools have a Disability Liaison Officer; this is the person you should contact.  If you do not know who to contact, ask at your University School's office. 



I think I may be dyslexic: how do I find out if have a Specific Learning Difficulty like dyslexia?

Make an appointment to go through a screening with an Academic Support tutor. Further information about screenings is available. 



Do I have to have a recognised Specific Learning Difficulty like dyslexia to access Academic Support for study advice?

No. If you are registered as a student at the University you can make an appointment to see an Academic Support tutor to discuss your academic needs and study strategies. You can also access a range of online study advice at any time via the Study Resources website.  



For further academic support related queries please visit the Academic Support pages.

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Who can use the Counselling Service?
The Counselling Service is available, free of charge, to all registered undergraduate and postgraduate students and to all members of the University's academic and support  staff.


What is counselling?

Counselling offers an opportunity to talk in confidence about problems or issues that concern you. It is a therapeutic approach that seeks to help you to explore and understand current difficulties, and to make choices in your life.

Some of the issues brought to the Service include anxiety, depression, family concerns, bereavement, difficulty in adjusting to a new way of life, work and study related problems, physical and/or sexual abuse, eating difficulties, self harm and sexual problems.



Where is the Counselling Service?
The Counselling Service is based in The Orchards on University Park campus. We are open Monday to Friday (9.00am - 12.30pm and 2.00pm - 4.30pm). You can also contact us by telephone (0115 951 3695) or by email. Counselling appointments will be available at Jubilee, Sutton Bonington, Boston, Lincoln, Mansfield and Derby sites as well, though these will still be booked through the team at The Orchards.


How do I make an appointment?

You can call in to the Service in The Orchards at the University Park Campus or you can telephone us on (0115) 951 3695 (direct external line) or our internal extension 13695. You can also contact us by email, which is checked daily. We try to offer a first appointment within 10 working days. However, it may be slightly longer at busy times of the academic year, or if you have a very full timetable.



 How confidential is counselling?
The Counselling Service takes confidentiality very seriously. All client information is treated in confidence. This means that we do not disclose verbal or written information without your permission or consent. The only exceptions to this procedure are where there is a legal obligation to disclose (very rare) or when a member of the counselling staff believes the client or other people are at serious risk. In these circumstances the consent to pass on these concerns will be sought before information is disclosed, if at all possible.


For further counselling related questions, please visit the Counselling Service pages.

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Disability Support

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How do I find out about accessible university accommodation?
For more information about accessible accommodation, please visit the University's Accommodation Office website.


Why does the University need to know if I am disabled or have a long term medical condition?
The University can only provide support if made aware of your requirements, please refer to the Student Disclosure and Confidentiality Policy for further information.


I’ve broken my leg, can I get any help?

The Disability Support team can offer advice to those with temporary injuries, however it is recommended that students contact their Schools for advice in the first instance. For further information about what to do if you have a temporary injury, please refer to the Temporary Injury Policy .



What support is there for Mental Health?
The University actively promotes well being, and has developed a Healthy U website as part of this initiative. Support is also provided to individuals through the Disability Support Team, please visit the Disability Support pages for more information.


Am I disabled?
QAA guidance provides the following definition of disability:

'The educational disadvantage and exclusion faced by many disabled people is not an inevitable result of their impairments or health conditions, but arises from social, attitudinal and environmental barriers.'

Alternatively, the Disability Discrimination Act defines a disabled person as a person with ‘a
physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities’.

If you want to know more about disability in an Higher Education context please visit the Disability Support pages.


For further disability related queries, please visit the Disability Support pages.

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Financial Support

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I have run out of money. Can you help?
Yes, we may be able to help depending on your personal circumstances. Go to the Financial Support pages for further information.


How do I get a Core Bursary?
Eligibility depends on household income and the course you are attending. To apply for a Core Bursary you have to complete a simple procedure on the Student Portal. Please refer to the 'how do I get my bursary?' page for further information.


What funding will I get if I am coming to study an undergraduate course?
As there are many different types of funding for different courses, please visit the Financial Support pages for more information and relevant links.


What Bursaries and Scholarships does the University offer?
Details of funding offered by the University can be found on the bursaries and scholarships pages.  


What are Financial Support Drop-in Sessions?
They are the opportunity for you to come along to see a member of the Financial Support team for help and advice about student funding, hardship funds and general finance queries.  Please refer to the Talk to Us page for times and venues.


What is happening from 2012?
The University will charge tuition fees of £9,000 per year for undergraduate courses.  We will continue to offer a generous bursary package.  The UK Government has also announced changes to the financial support they will offer. 


For further finance related and money questions go to the Financial Support pages.

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Teaching timetables

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I can't see MyTimetable

You'll need your main University username and password to view your timetable. New students will normally have this once they have completed online Registration.

Unfortunately, this service does not work on Windows mobile phones.

On all devices you will need to enable pop-ups for this site which may be indicated by a "no entry" symbol in the top right corner of your browser.

If you are not on a Windows mobile phone and have enabled pop-ups it may be that some content of your student record is incorrect and we will need to find it and correct it. Your timetable will then be viewable. Please fill in the online enquiry form and we will look into it.



I'm missing modules on MyTimetable

If you have selected your full set of modules for the 2016/17 and are expecting an individual student timetable we will need to look into this.

Please fill in the online enquiry form and we will investigate and get back to you. If you have not selected all of your modules yet that will be why your timetable is incomplete. Your timetable will build as selections are processed.



I want to change seminars/lab sessions

Please fill in the online enquiry form and we will look into your request.



I have a full day without breaks

This is unusual and not desirable. We will look to see whether we can make any amendments to that. Please fill in the online enquiry form so that we have your details.



I have clashes on my timetable

We want you to have as much choice as possible but inevitably modules that you want to take may be concurrently timetabled. We will look to see whether we can make any amendments to that.

Please fill in the online enquiry form so that we have your details. If two of your core modules are clashing please specify that this is your issue when completing the form.



I am studying here but my award will be from another University
You will not currently be able to see an individual student timetable but we are working on this. Your timetable will be ready by 1 October 2016.


For further timetabling queries, go to the Teaching timetabling page.

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