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Accessible Transport

The minibus service exists to enable students with permanent or long-term disabilities, who are unable to use other forms of transport provided by the University (e.g. the Hopper Bus), to attend their academic activities (i.e. lectures, seminars, tutorials, libraries, Academic Support). Depending on demand, it may be available on occasions to take a student to other academic-related activities on campus, such as appointments at the Cripps Health Centre.

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Am I eligible to use the service?

The minibus service is available to:

  • University of Nottingham Students.
  • Students who have been assessed as being eligible by a Disability Adviser and have provided appropriate documentation outlining their disability and the impact of this on their mobility.
  • Personal assistants who are accompanying the student, by prior arrangement with Student Services (SS).


How do I make a booking?

Before each semester begins (or as soon as the information becomes available), you must provide the Disability Adviser with a copy of:

  • Your personal timetable, detailing your academic commitments.
  • Your request for minibus journeys. In this request, please include the following:
    • The day(s) you wish to travel
    • Times at which you wish to travel
    • Where you wish to be collected from
    • Where you wish to be taken to
    • The purpose of your journey(s)

The Disability Adviser will then prioritise the requests and arrange bookings for the journeys.

If you require the Service during the examination period, you will need to submit a separate timetable for this time. This must be done as soon as possible after the information becomes available to ensure that your requests are met. You should provide the same information as listed above.

Please note that the service is in heavy demand, and at times it may not be possible to meet all requests. Requests for this service must be made at the earliest opportunity so that Disability Support can endeavour to ensure a place has been reserved for you. It is your responsibility to provide complete information as soon as it becomes available.

Please remember to advise Disability Support of changes in timetables as soon as they are known. All negotiations for use of the service are to be conducted with Disability Support who will inform the driver of any changes to the routine established each semester. You will not be able to directly negotiate changes with the driver.

If you do not present for the first leg of a journey, the return will automatically be cancelled, unless you advise Disability Support otherwise.



Hours of service

During term-time the service operates Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm

During non term-time post-graduate students whose courses run for the full 12 months of the year may continue to use the service. For all other students a reduced service will operate.



What if the minibus is unavailable? 

The Disability Adviser will authorise the use of an alternative service at no cost to the student, in the following circumstances only:

  • If the service is consistently oversubscribed at a regular time.
  • If the service is unavailable for reasons such as when repairs to the vehicle are required.


What if I need to cancel a journey?

If you are unable to use the minibus service due to illness or other reasons, contact Disability Support as soon as possible to cancel your journey, as other students may be able to be accommodated in your place. Office hours are from 9am-4:30pm Monday to Friday.



Withdrawal of service

If a student consistently does not use the service and does not notify the Disability Office, the University reserves the right to withdraw the service and offer it to another eligible student.



Safety Policy

It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that all the appropriate restraints, i.e. clamps and belts, are in place while this vehicle is in motion. The driver is available to assist upon your request. In accordance with University policy, smoking is not permitted on the bus. All passengers must comply with current minibus safety procedures.

The University of Nottingham will not assume liability for passengers who do not comply with current minibus safety procedures. Failure to comply will result in the withdrawal of the service.



Exceptional Circumstances

Security can be contacted on 0115 951 3013 in exceptional circumstances only (such as for last minute amendments or cancellations) outside office hours.



Contact information

Student Services - Disability Support
Portland Building
University Park


Telephone: 0115 951 5992




Accessibility (Disability Support)

Portland Building
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone: +44(0) 115 95 15992