Study What You Love


Study What You Love

Study What You Love is about choosing a degree that inspires you.

It’s about seeing your course as a series of opportunities, not assignments.

All our degrees require you to develop key transferable skills, meaning you can study what you love and adapt what you’ve learned to impress employers from a whole range of sectors.

Make the most of your degree: study what you love.



Why study what you love?





Hear what our current students say...

Rebecca Maryan

Having come from a different university after my Master's degree, I found the History department at Nottingham to be very warm and welcoming. There is a supportive community of postgraduate students with different areas of expertise, making for a vibrant research atmosphere.

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Hear what our past students say...

John Easom

The communication skills, knowledge and adaptability nurtured during my degree have helped me to operate successfully in the public sector, the private sector and in the voluntary sector. I chose the subject out of curiosity and from a desire to broaden rather than narrow my intellectual expertise.

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What do employers really look for?

Sepha Brook, L'Oréal

We are interested in students from all academic fields of study. We hire graduates who have acquired skills attainable through effective study of any discipline. This includes tenacity, self-motivation, organisation, lateral thinking and open mindedness.

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Why I love conferences

Hannah Murray explains how academic networking helps her PhD. Since starting my PhD last October, I’ve been part of a great research community of postgraduate students. We meet once a week to discuss a chapter of someone’s thesis and then attend a guest lecture usually followed by a trip to the pub. One of the ...

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Blaithin Hadjisophocleous shares her wisdom from studying Physiotherapy. My last visit home was my last holiday as a Physiotherapy student. Sat at the dining table with my family, I thought about how, two and a half years later, they now have a better idea of what physiotherapy is all about – they have stopped asking ...

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