Student Switch Off

Living in Halls of Residence on campus?

Student Switch Off is your chance to win prizes for yourself and a party for your hall, all for doing easy things like saving energy and recycling.

It's an energy saving and recycling competition that takes place in all University of Nottingham on-campus managed Halls. 

Student Switch Off


The Halls compete to see who can save the most energy by taking easy and effective actions. The Hall that saves the most energy wins an end of year party and Ben and Jerry's ice cream for everyone in the Hall. 

Win prizes

There are lots of Student Switch Off competitions and events throughout the year which you can see on the University of Nottingham Student Switch Off Facebook page. You can find out more about the programme and how to save energy on the Student Switch Off website

Take part in the photo competitions throughout the year for a chance to win great prizes including NUS Extra cards and big tubs of Ben and Jerry's.


 Follow these 4 easy steps to switch off:

Lids on pans

Layers on

Switch off lights

Don't overfill your kettle



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