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Bibledex: 66 Books - 1189 Chapters - 31,173 Verses

Bibledex is a project that brings together a collection of videos featuring every book of the Bible. The videos are filmed and produced by the University’s award-winning film maker in-residence and video journalist Brady Haran.

His curiosity about the Bible led Brady to come up with the idea: 

“After making videos about chemistry and physics, I really wanted to turn my attention to a new area of academic research. Working with theologians has been fascinating, discovering the different ways they look at this most famous collection of texts. It seems every book of the Bible has its own history, personality and usually about 2000 years of twists and turns.

No matter what we personally believe, most of us think we know the basics of the Bible, but every day I'm discovering something new, which makes me view it in a different light — and I'm really excited about sharing that online and through YouTube.”

The videos offer a varied and fascinating assortment of academic insights - such as the Old Testament Song of Songs is basically a poem about sex and that bands from U2 to Boney M have based songs on the book of Psalms - into what is probably the most famous collection of books in history.


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