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Biblical Studies Seminar

Fridays at 1pm
C53, Humanities Building

This research seminar is for staff, postgraduate students and occasional guests working in the areas of New Testament and Hebrew Bible research.

Summer 2017 programme

12 May 

Michelle Fletcher (University of Kent)

Is Revelation an Apocalypse? Using Film to Reveal Apocalyptic Awareness

13 May (Saturday)

Centre for Bible, Ethics and Theology Conference

Forced Migration, Political Power, and the Book of Jeremiah

19 May

Karen Wenell (University of Birmingham)

The Texts ‘Have it All’: Universal and Particular Aspects of the Kingdom of God

26 May

Michael Bullock (University of Nottingham)

And Who Is My Stranger? A New Perspective on the Gēr: Gēr as Refugee

2 June

Catherine Quine (University of Nottingham)

Reading the House of Jacob as Bethel in Isaiah 48:1-11

9 June

Gavin Fernandes (University of Nottingham)

Verbal Abuse as a Recurring Motif for Plot in the Song of Songs

16 June

Jonathan Stökl (King’s College, London)

Becoming a Priest: Reflections on Biblical and Other Ancient Near Eastern Ordination Rites

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Previous seminars

Spring 2017

3 February

Richard Bell (University of Nottingham)

Richard Wagner’s Prose Sketches for Jesus of Nazareth: Theological Reflections on an Uncompleted Opera

10 February

Terry Root (University of Nottingham)

In Search of a Theological Foundation: A Brief Review of Revelation in Schleiermacher, Barth, Tillich and Bonhoeffer

17 February

Carly Crouch (University of Nottingham)

Playing Favourites: Israel and Judah in the Marriage Metaphor of Jeremiah 3

24 February

Meredith Warren (University of Sheffield)

Transmitting Divine Knowledge through Taste: The Little Scroll in Revelation 10:8–10

3 March

Eva Guenther (University of Nottingham)

Wisdom Traditions as a Model for Jesus’ Ministry in Matt. 23:37-39 par.

10 March

Ellie Hill (University of Nottingham)

Colour Concepts in the Hebrew Bible

17 March

Sarah Holt (University of Nottingham)

Nudity and Captivity in Isaiah 20 in Light of the Iconographic Record

24 March

Christopher B Hays (Fuller Theological Seminary)

‘Those Weaned From Milk’: The Divine Wet Nurse Motif in Isaiah 28’s Ceremony for the Covenant with Mut

31 March

Johnny Rowlands (University of Nottingham)

Historical Jesus Research and the Problem of Divine Activity


7 April

Casey Strine (University of Sheffield)

Your Name Shall No Longer Be Jacob But Refugee: Involuntary Migration and the Development of the Ancestral Narrative

Autumn 2016

26 October

Jonathan Draper (University of Kwazulu-Natal)

Practicing Prophecy in Early Christianity: The Evidence of the Didache

9 November

Tim Murray (University of Nottingham)

Restricted Generosity in Thessalonica

23 November

Christopher Thornhill (University of Nottingham)

Taint Christian: The (Ab)Uses of Biblical Narrative in Cormac McCarthy's Appalachian Fiction

7 December

Philip Whitehead (University of Nottingham)

Outsiders, Sinners, Gentiles, Unbelievers: What can we learn from Paul's choice of terminology for describing non-Christians?"


Spring 2016

5 February

Dr Jem Bloomfield (English)

Spectral Authority: Shakespeare and Biblical Criticism

19 February

Dongbin Choi (Theology & Religious Studies)

Jewish Perception of Their Past in Antiquity and the Case of 1 Maccabees

4 March

Dr Michael Barilan (Tel Aviv University)

Wisdom and Power in Biblical Ethics: The Judgments of Solomon and Jesus 

18 March

Professor Roland Deines (Theology & Religious Studies)

Jesus and James: Traces of a Messianic Family Clan?

22 April 

Dr Katie Edwards (Sheffield)

God, What a Brat! Representations of the Divine in Twenty-First Century Biblical Epics


6 May

Dr Tarah Van De Wiele (Department of Theology and Religious Studies)

The Hand of a Thief, the Heart of a Traitor, the Broken Teeth of a Contract Breaker: Seat of the Crime Justice in the Psalms


20 May

Dr Peter Watts (Foundation Arts) and Dr Andy Fisher (Department of Philosophy)

The Metal Scene and Biblical Language: Meaning, Silence and Accuracy


Autumn 2015

22 October

Dr Carly Crouch (Theology & Religious Studies)

Is Deuteronomy 'Nationalist'?

19 November

Jonghyun 'Enoch' Kwon (Theology & Religious Studies)

Forgiveness of Sins and its Individual Aspect

3 December

Professor Richard Bell (Theology & Religious Studies)

Resurrection Appearances in 1 Cor 15:5-8


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