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Biblical Studies at Nottingham is driven by the historical, literary and theological study of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures, variously known as the Old and New Testaments, the Tanakh and the Hebrew Bible.  The research activities of the department focus around the Centre for Bible, Ethics and Theology (CBET).

The Biblical Studies community in Nottingham is driven by a passionate belief in the relevance of biblical texts for contemporary discussion. We want our students to gain a deep understanding of their meaning, both past and present. Biblical languages play a key role in this, so we offer plenty of chances to engage with them.

Dr Carly Crouch

Staff research projects, interests and centres within the Department of Theology and Religious Studies


Why Study…Salvation History?

Professor Richard Bell, Professor of Theology

Richard’s New Testament research focuses on the theology of Paul, with special reference to justification, Israel and atonement. He is also interested in the relationship between theology and the natural sciences (having been a physicist in a previous incarnation) and in the theology of Richard Wagner.

Why Study…St Paul’s Letter to the Romans?

Dr Carly Crouch, Associate Professor in Hebrew Bible

Carly’s research focuses on the social and intellectual history of the ancient world, with particular attention to ethics and to the histories of ancient Israel and Judah. She also has interests in the relationship of the historical study of the biblical texts to contemporary theological and ethical concerns.

Why Study…Sex and Ethics in the Hebrew Bible?

Tarah Van De Wiele, Teaching Associate in Jewish Studies

Tarah's research focuses on violence, ethics, and law in the Hebrew Bible and also explores the philosophical and theological assumptions people bring to the Bible when confronted with any of those subjects. She is additionally interested in the impact those assumptions have on Jewish-Christian relations.

‘Why Study…Violence in the Hebrew Bible?’


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