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Mike Davies

Associate Professor in Small Animal Clinical Practice, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Teaching Summary

My main teaching and learning interests are geriatric veterinary medicine, canine and feline clinical nutrition, preventive medicine and general small animal medicine and surgery.

I am involving Final Year Veterinary Students in geriatric screens in which they are empowered to take a full histpry, perform a full physical examination and urinalysis under direct observation.

Research Summary

I am currently involved in several clinical studies:

1. Evaluation of a geriatric screening programme (ongoing)

3. Evaluating the use of ophthalmic software to interpret retinal images from elderly cats with diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidsim and chronic kidney disease

4. Investigating the use of urinary markers NTx and C2C for osteoarthritis in ageing dogs

5. Investigating panting in dogs attending a veterinary hospital and its association with salivary cortisol concentrations

6. Investigating the geographical distribution of canine and feline uroliths in the UK and relationship to water hardness and human population densities.

7. Evaluating practice monitoring regimens for pets with age-related diseases

6. Evaluating the application of cryosurgery in elderly pets

7. Evaluating the role of hypervitaminosis A as a cause of congenital cleft palate in dogs

8. Investigating the variability in content of homemade rations (Accepted for publication Dec 2013)

9. Evaluating pre-anaesthetic blood screens in a UK veterinary hospital (Submitted for publication - in peer review)

10. Review of nutrition and body weight control in canine osteoarthritis (In revision for re-submission)

10 Investigating the variability of interpretation of retinal images between veterinary ophthalmologists (In preparation)

11. Systematic review of the use of butorphanol in cats (In preparation)

Selected Publications

Past Research

1. I wrote the expert report for Pfizer for their novel microsomal triglyceride transport protein inhibitor dirlotapide (Slentrol) for the management of obesity in dogs

2. In 2008 I published a paper on canine parvovirus strains in the UK based on PCR analysis (with University of Bari , Italy)

Future Research

Future Research

1. Clinical application of agents to reverse age-related changes in tissues to improve functionality - especially:

a. The use of cross-link breakers to improve myocardial performance in elderly dogs

b The application of gene-therapy in the treatment of i) tumours and ii) osteoarthritis

2. The clinical application of reconstructive surgery to solve age-related disease issues

3. The application of indwelling monitoring equipment for chronic diseases

4. The application of early markers (including biochemical and genome) to detect or predict early signs of age-related diseases

5. The potential use of immunocryosurgery in cancer in elderly pets

6. I would like to establish a Centre of Excellence in Comparative Geriatric Veterinary Medicine at School of Veterinary Medicine and Science Nottingham University to help advance knowledge in this area and contribute to developments in comparative medicine

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