The Xerte Project

Examples of a medical application produced using Xerte Online Toolkits

Xerte Online Toolkits v2.0

Xerte Online Toolkits is an award winning suite of browser-based tools that allow anyone with a web browser to create interactive learning materials quickly and easily. Content can be delivered to all devices using standards compliant HTML5 and a responsive template can deliver material to both small screens and large desktop computers.

Xerte Online Toolkits provides a suite of tools for creating rich, accessible interactive content.  For many educators, effectively exploiting technology in their teaching requires overcoming a number of technical barriers. Xerte Online Toolkits provides simple online tools that anyone can use to easily create effective interactive materials.

Xerte Online Toolkits provides a number of project templates for creating online presentations and interactive learning materials. Content is assembled using an intuitive interface, and multiple users can collaborate on shared projects, creating a powerful and efficient workflow for teams of subject matter experts, media specialists and interactive designers.

Xerte Toolkits is free software, released under the GNU Public License.

Get Started

Try it for Yourself

Jisc TechDIS have a sandbox so you can try the software for yourself. You can create your own account, or request an account from the TechDIS helpdesk. See instructions via the 'create account' link at 



A comprehensive demonstration of all the templates in the toolkits can be found here: Online Toolkit Demo.

More Xerte Online Toolkits Resources can be found on the resources page.

Web Server Installation

A guide for web server administrators installing Xerte Online Toolkits on a web server can be found here: Installation Guide.


Local Installation

An easy way to try Xerte Online Toolkits is to install it on your PC or laptop. This will allow you to use the software, although some features will be unavailable. 
Local Installation Instructions
1. Watch a brief tutorial showing how to install Xerte Online Toolkits on a standalone computer: XAMPP Installation.
2. Download and install the XAMPP software, accepting the default settings, from http://apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html.
3. Download Xerte Online Toolkits from


4. Create a folder called xertetoolkits in c:\xampp\htdocs\ and unzip the contents of the downloaded zip file into it.

5. Start Apache and MySQL in XAMPP control panel.

6. Visit http://localhost/xertetoolkits/setup and click the XAMPP button.

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