Certificacion de Turismo Responsable
A lecture on sustainable tourism delivered in Spanish.
Author(s): Xavier Font,Leeds Metropolitan University

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WSU Researcher Investigates D.B. Cooper
PULLMAN, Wash. -- Forty years ago, a man in a dark business suit and tie committed one of the biggest whodunits in U.S. history. D.B. Cooper skyjacked a jetliner and bailed out at 10,000 feet between Seattle and Portland with a parachute and $200,000 in ransom money strapped to his waist. For more about this story, click here:http://news.wsu.edu/pages/publications.asp?Action=Detail&PublicationID=29054&TypeID=1
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11.201 Gateway: Planning Action (MIT)
This course introduces incoming students in the Master in City Planning (MCP) program to the theory and history of planning in the public interest. It relies primarily on challenging real-world cases to highlight persistent dilemmas: the power and limits of planning, the multiple roles in which planners find themselves in communities around the globe, and the political, ethical, and practical dilemmas that planners face as they try to be effective. As such, the course provides an introduction to
Author(s): Briggs, Xavier de Souza

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