He's got the whole world in his hands: US History and its discontents in the Obama Era
Robin Kelley's inaugral lecture comments on the absence of discussion about race as connected to Barak Obama's presidency, particularly in light of American history and politics.
Author(s): Robin D Kelley

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The post-crisis politics of financial reform: business as usual or new global order?
Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, President of European Socialist Party and former Prime Minister of Denmark talks about the politics of current efforts to regulate the financial sector.
Author(s): Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

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Living in an era of global terror
In this podcast, Professor Richard Aldrich from the School of Politics and International Relations, discusses the impact of globalisation, the opportunities this affords to global terrorists and the challenges faced by the intelligence services. Globalisation has led to a free flow of money, people and ideas, which has benefited many people in the West in recent years and enhanced our standard of living, but the price paid is a reduction in security. As we see a shift towards a de-regulated glo
Author(s): Aldrich Richard Professor

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#190: Germline confidential: Hunting down genes linked to breast cancer

Genetics researchers Prof Melissa Southey and Prof David Goldgar discuss the enterprise of tracking down genes that make one susceptible to breast cancer. With science host Dr Shane Huntington.