The East Side story: How executive uncertainty created an accession conditionality that never was
A presentation given by Research Fellow Cristina Parau at Wolfson College on February 24th 2009. Dr Parau is also a member of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies in Oxford. Europeanization scholars study the impact of the European Union (EU) on domestic politics. The literature on the impact of the EU on the domestic politics of accession countries in Eastern Europe has focussed too narrowly on the formal conditions for accession to the EU stemming from Brussels. Accession conditionality and the
Author(s): Cristina Parau

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7 Ions and ionic bonding
Atoms, elements and molecules are the building blocks of everything that makes up our world, including ourselves. In this unit you will learn the basic chemistry of how these components work together, starting with a chemical compound we are all very familiar with – water.
Author(s): The Open University

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#279: Willingly waived: Migrant workers trading away rights for access to jobs

Labor migration researcher Dr Martin Ruhs discusses the often thorny questions around the rights of migrant labor versus access to work. With host Peter Mares.