Bush Presidential Center Groundbreaking: Fox 4 News sample
Sample coverage of the groundbreaking for the George W. Bush Presidential Center on November 16, 2010, by Fox 4 News.
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Fieldwork Skills for Cultural Understanding
This course (taught mainly in English) explores practical ways to discover and understand culture in Japan, based on the gathering and analysis of qualitative data. Students taking the course will learn techniques of observation and interviewing and will practice applying these techniques in the real world in Tokyo.

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The reasons for attrition
This paper focuses on a) to reflect on an approach, decisions and subsequent knowledge with regard to non response and b) to discuss the "attrition survey", rather than discussing the actual results of an overall longitudinal study. This should be linked to the paper "student experiences of enterprise education"
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Procedures in Emergency Medicine: Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation

Dr Almero Oosthuizen & Cape Town Emergency Medicine Registrars