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These pages contains pictures, programs and information on SIRDS. Two SIRDS packages also reside here, see below.

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What are SIRDS?

SIRDSs are pictures of seemingly random dots that, when viewed in the correct way, produce the impression of 3D objects.

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The Mother of all SIRDS links list(!?)

Ftp site
ftp.cdrom.com [no longer exists] the Walnut Creek ftp site was holding the katz archive. This was a copy of katz.anu.edu.au which was the definitive, most extensive site containing pictures, programs and etc. Sadly this archive is now closed.

alt.3d where most SIRDS discussion happens.

Web pages
Pascal Massimino: "Chez Skal" contains lots of pictures and some animations. Updated URL.

Vern Hart: "Vern's SIRDS Gallery" has a comprehensive collection of SIRDSs & SISes.

Jonathan Bowen: "3-D and SIRDS images" may be of interest as well.

Jim Miller: "SGI's Image Gallery (Jim's Gallery)" has several `rastergrams'.

Esa Kuru: "True Color SIRDS" [has vanished but used to] contain some interesting ideas and attempts on how to put colour into SIRDS.

Andreas Kahler: "KALI's World of Stereograms (SIRDS & SIS)" holds some good stereograms. Now has an English version of the front page.

Gertjan van Oosten: "SIRDS" contains an archive of autostereograms posted to alt.3d. (1/8 - out of action?)

Keith Goldfarb: "Keith's AutoStereoGram Page" has five autostereograms on it.

John Turner: "John's Home Page" has some animated SIRDS. (1/8 - SIRDS content has vanished!)

SoftSource: "3d Stereographic Images" has SIRDS and SIS generated from AutoCAD DXF files using their DXE library.

Peter Jennings: "Stereograms" has some good stereograms. (Now a new link as netcom.com was too busy.)

Dale Harris: "The Internet Railroad's Pix Archive" contains many of the SIRDS posted to USENET. (1/8 - Another one bites the dust.)

Cyrus Shaoul: "Weird Three Dimensional Page!" has SIRDS done with xpgs!

Heidrun Kirchweger: "3d collection" holds yet another archive of SIRDS & SIS (from katz?).

Marko Grobelnik: "Stereogram Page" has a small archive of SIRDS (endlessly duplicating ones which you can find in many of the links above). It's based in Slovenia.

Chris Thornton: "STEREO FLICKS" has a bunch of blocky SIRDS and a good explanation of how they work.

Andrew Giger: "Andy's Stereograms" has some pretty SIRDS and SIRTS. Also he's made an online puzzle game 3D riDDle.

Larry Singleton: "RDS & AutoS" is another entry in the vast list of links that contains SIRDS & autostereograms from the net.

Kurt Fleischer: "SIRDS from the Caltech Graphics Group" has made a SIRDS movie for Siggraph 94, a couple of frames from it are available. There are also a cuple of `proper' colour SIRDS. He and his colleague, Erik Winfree, have written about their technique.

Chiangkai Er: "Home Page" has SIS generated by a Pascal program he wrote.

Mattan Kamon: "Random Dot Stereograms" has a couple of postscript SIRDS.

Rob Malick: "Stereogram directory (alphabetically)"has an(other) archive of stereograms as part of his Multimedia Lab.

Blue Mountain Arts: "5-D Stereograms Home Page" is a commercial page selling 5-D(tm) stereograms by Stephen Schutz. Don't know why they claim 5D though because they seem to be just SISes.

InterConnect West: "Global Innovations" has a catalogue of commercial colour stereogram posters.

David Mallinson: "Magic Eye Stereograms" contains a collection of stereograms mainly from katz. Think of it as a UK archive of katz's piccies to help reduce our intercontinental telephone bill.

New Vision Technology: "Stereoscopy Information and Resources" is the site of 3-D Web with pages on stereography including anaglyphs and SISes.

Digi-Rule: "Stereograms Products" is a catalogue of things you can purchase from them.

Yahoo: "Arts:Visual Arts:Computer Generated:Stereograms" is, of course, a list of SIRDS links compiled by Yahoo.

Andrew Steer: "Stereogram Page" features the development of a very high quality stereogram algorithm plus there is a fully-functioning ready-to-run FREE (non-commercial use) Windows stereogram generating program.

Edmond Lee: "Edo's Stereogram Page" is doing a project on SIRDS including animating them (with results in MPEG and Java).

Hi-Tech Workshop Ltd: "Computer Generated 3D Pictures" (aka stereograms to you and me) is the handle used by Hi-Tech Workshop to describe their Windows stereogram maker.

Ed Suastegui: "WinSIRDS Home Page" is the site of WinSIRDS. Guess what it does. Also hosts a JavaSIRDS program.

Ultragrafix: "Ultragrafix Home Page" sells assorted SIRDS stuff, including prints, books and software.

Mike Lynch: "Stereogram Page" talks about his SIRDSer program.

Moulay El Ouazzani: "Espace Temps productions" is mostly in French with smatterings of English text. There are assorted pages explaining aspects of stereography with a collection of stereograms.

Hans-Bernhard Meyer: "Stereo- and Magic eye, 3d pics and sirds" page contains some original autostereograms and DOS animations.

Stefan Scheller: "3D Stereogramme" is a German page on Stereography which includes a demonstration of a SIRDS alogrithm (in English).

Kaacza: "Stereogram Collection" is Czech page with a compilation of stereograms from various sources. There's an English translation included.

Uri Open: "StereoWeb" has a new and improved gallery of original stereograms. He's going to add more on a regular basis.

Niklas En: "Single Image Stereograms" has many of his own SISes on show. At the moment, the text is in Swedish but just look at those images, especially the stunning propeller!

Gene Levine: "Color Stereo Home Page" has a collection of stereo pairs including some SIRDS. He has also made a new set of stereograms at Color Stereo II.

Gareth Richards: "Stereogram Generator" is a Java applet for online SIRDS generation.

Rolf Henkel: "Stereovision" is an interesting set of pages on research into stereo vision and includes some RDS.

Joel Beckham: "Invisible 3D" has a collection of his stereograms on show.

Paul Grosse: "SIRDS" page has `postcardware' on offer for making stereograms.

Yury Crashnikov: "3D Miracle" has software and demo pictures available.

Andrej Olejnik: "Stereogramy" pages has both images and software (including Delphi source code).

Fabian Januszewski: "Stereograph for Linux" pages has software and images. The software is open source.

Andrew Mustun: "stereogramme" page contains German text with homemade SIRDS. He is the author of QCad.

Eyetrick's: "3-D Stereograms" site contains a gallery of images by Gary W. Priester, an online generator and links to free downloads.

Bob Allanson's: "Stereo Polyhedra" page has a Java applet that animates an autostereogram.

Martin Eian's: "Stereograms" page has a gallery of images.

Anton Antonov's: "Magic Eye Animations" page has a set of animated gifs!

Olej's: "Stereogram Explorer" is a user-friendly design shareware for creating stereograms and animations. This site also contains a gallery and a downloadable screensaver.

Lewey Geselowitz's: "The AbSIRD Project" holds a number of real-time SIRDS applications for different platforms (SDL, PocketPC, OpenGL). There's also a couple demos of each. Update: there's now a SIRDS modification to the Quake 2 graphics engine so you can play it in 'real' 3D! Just like in Bullfrog's "Magic Carpet". Plus two new Java applets - one a height field drawing package and the other a Pong variant.

Sergey Shamshin's: "Easy Stereo" offers a program to create high quality stereograms.

Tie-Qi Chen's: "Stereogram Maker" is a Windows program that features imports from both depth maps and AutoCAD DXF files. There's a set of example stereograms too.

John Wilson's: "Wonders of Visual Perception" has a Java version of his old DOS program HidImg.

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