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Creative Energy Homes

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E.ON 2016 Microgeneration home

As part of the Creative Energy Homes project, The University of Nottingham along with the Energy company E.ON are working together to develop and assess cost effective measures for reducing carbon emissions from ageing domestic properties. See Project Objectives

A 1936 Austin 7 parked outside the E.ON 2016 Research House:
Left: A 1930's Austin 7 is a rare site on today's roads yet millions of us still live in homes of that era. Whilst automobile technology has advanced considerably many of us still live in homes that are energy inefficient.

Sig Logo

The E.ON 2016 Research Team will be working in Partnership with SIG to deliver sustainable solutions for the three retrofit upgrades the house will undergo on its way to achieving its zero-carbon status.  

E.On house October 2008 Media Links:
BBC News Coverage:
ITV News Coverage

Construction on the 2016 low carbon house started in April 2008 and the design standards are close to those of a 1930's semi detached house. The initial building was complete in October 2008 and will be lived in for a year, to record its performance.

E.ON House on typical street

E.ON House on typical street, making use of the side drive for extra space.

The E.ON Website which will follow the construction.

The E.ON House was completed in 2nd October 2008, and the next day, the BBC published a short morning news report.

Researchers – The Team

Principle Investigators: Prof Saffa Riffat and Dr Mark Gillott
Research Fellow: Catalina Spataru
Architect: Marsh:Grochowski Architects
Research students: Kasham Biliyok and Nina Hormazabal
Occupant for first year: Zhan Chanhong
Project Manager: Gaskell Construction Consultants and University of Nottingham Estates Dept.
M&E Consultant: Waterman Building Services


E.ON, sponsors of the 1930s house

E.ON house Oct. 2008 Media Links:
BBC News Coverage
ITV News Coverage

Nottingham Exchange Magazine for staff, November 2008, with article about EON house on page 8

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