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Academic Staff

Sarah Metcalfe (Earth and Environmental Dynamics) - Head of School
Jonathan Beaverstock (Economic Geography)
Michèle Clarke (Geomorphology, Deserts & Drylands) - Director of Undergraduate Studies
Nick Clifford (River Science)
Louise Crewe (Economic Geography)
Stephen Daniels (Cultural Geography)
Giles Foody (Geographical Information Systems)
Roy Haines-Young (Environmental Management and GIS)
Michael Heffernan (Historical Geography)
Mike Jackson (Geospatial Science)
Melanie Leng (Isotope Geosciences)
Andrew Leyshon (Economic Geography)
David Matless (Cultural Geography)
Paul Nathanail (Contaminated Land)
Sarah O'Hara (Environmental Change, Water Management in Drylands) - Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
Matthew Smallman-Raynor (Health/Medical Geography)
Michael Steven (Meteorology and Remote Sensing)
Colin Thorne (Fluvial Geomorphology and River Management)
Charles Watkins (Rural Geography)

Georgina Endfield (Climatic Change, Environmental Interactions in Drylands)

Bob Abrahart (Geographical Information Systems)
Paul Aplin (Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems)
Doreen Boyd (Geographical Information Systems)
Roy Bradshaw (Economic Geography and Marketing)
Bob Dugdale (Oceanic and Coastal Environments)
Richard Field (Biogeography and Statistical Analysis)
Sarah Jewitt (Environmental Geography)
Chris Lavers (Biogeography)
Gary Priestnall (Geographical Information Science)
Susanne Seymour (Cultural Geography and Environmental Management)
Adam Swain (Eastern Europe/Economic Restructuring)

Shaun French (Economic Geography)
Sarah Hall (Economic Geography)
Stephen Legg (Cultural and Historical Geography)
Suzanne McGowan (Palaeolimnology, Climate Reconstruction)
Carol Morris (Environmental Management)
Nick Mount (Geographical Information Systems)
Alex Vasudevan (Cultural/Historical Geography, European Urbanization)

Professor John Cole
Paul Mather (Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems)