Welcome to the website of the research group of Professor Christopher J. Moody.

Based at the University Park campus of the University of Nottingham, our research is focussed on natural product synthesis, synthetic methodology and medicinal chemistry.

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Latest News

20th October 2014: The group welcome all it's new members with a meal at Nicholson's.

1st October 2014: Welcome to our new PhD student Maxime Ben Youssef. Along with our project students James Fordham, Dean Wheeler and Katie Lamport. In addition Jonathan Keim joins us as a Fulbright scholar for the year.

29th September 2014: Congratulations to our postdoc Russ Kitson on his new job as teaching fellow here at the UoN.

News Archive

Prof. Christopher J. Moody
Room C19
School of Chemistry
University Park
University of Nottingham
Tel: (+44)115 846 8500
Email: c.j.moody@nottingham.ac.uk

Latest Publications

"Seven-membered ring scaffolds for drug discovery: Access to functionalised azepanes and oxepanes through diazocarbonyl chemistry." A. Nortcliffe and C. J. Moody, Bioorg. Med. Chem., 2015, 23, 2730-2735.

"The effect of central and planar chirality on the electrochemical and chiral sensing properties of ferrocenyl urea H-bonding receptors." A. Mulas, Y. Willener, J. Carr-Smith, K. M. Joly, L. Male, C. J. Moody, S. L. Horswell and J. H. R. Tucker, Dalton Trans., 2015, 44, 7268-7275.

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