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Welcome to our website! These pages have been specially created to introduce to you the science, researchers and facilities in the Howdle group.

We use supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) to synthesise new polymers and to modify and improve the properties of polymeric materials. Our research focuses on a number of different areas and you can find out more by exploring this website.




Question. But what exactly does scCO2 looks like?

Answer. In the picture to the left you can just about see a slight distortion, a discolouration, a ripple effect, this is scCO2. It is a dense fluid that combines the properties of both liquid and gas ------ most importantly we can use this fluid as a solvent for chemical reactions. Supercritical CO2 is achieved at a temperature of 31.1°C, and a pressure of 73.8 bar.

In the video clips section, you can see multimedia related to scCO2 to explain what it is, what we use it for, and what it does to the polymers we are interested in.

By clicking on this Podcast, you can hear Steve Howdle explains his current research on polymeric materials and how a career in Chemistry doesn't always mean wearing a white coat or working in a laboratory with test tubes!



A Micro CT image (upper) of a polymer scaffold for tissue engineering and an SEM image (lower) showing cells deposited within the porous structure.


Our group - February 2009

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