Photoelectron spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules in excited states


picture of research groupCurrent group:

Professor Katharine Reid (group leader) 

Dr Julia Davies (research fellow) 

Michael Staniforth (graduate student)

Alistair Green (graduate student)

Jonathan Midgley (graduate student)

Professor Ivan Powis (collaborator on some of the work)

Professor Tim Wright (collaborator on some of the work)

previous group members

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Our EPSRC supported work is aimed aimed at (a) understanding the intramolecular dynamics of molecules, and (b) understanding the dynamics of photoionization processes.  We are currently focusing on a project in which we study and model the intramolecular vibrational redistribution dynamics of small aromatic systems, using a state-of-the-art in-house ultrafast laser system.  Further details of our research can be found in our publications; you can also see the slides from my inaugural lecture.

In order to study intramolecular dynamics we use a custom-built ultrafast laser system that delivers two independently tunable 1 ps pulses with a bandwidth of 15 cm-1 and maximum available pulse energy of >100 mJ across a wide wavelength range (~2.94 mm to 240 nm).  Pump wavelengths are chosen to be resonant with features of interest, whereas probe wavelengths are selected either to optimize resolution, or to access specific parts of the ionization continuum.  We make use of a slow electron velocity-map imaging technique which enables the performance of high resolution photoelectron spectroscopy over an extended energy range.  Using these techniques we have achieved a full, quantitative dynamical characterization of intramolecular vibrational energy redistribution (IVR) in S1 toluene at an internal energy of ~460 cm-1, as described in the following publication.  Some of our more recent results can be found here.