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*** NEXT EVENT: 14th St Olav's Wirral-Chester Viking Heritage walks  ***
Thursday evening 29th (St Olav's Day) & Saturday 31st July 2021:

1. Thursday 29th: Viking Chester. Walk across Chester via St. Johns to St. Olave's (meet Chester Railway station at 6pm);
2. Saturday 31st am. Viking Neston. Walk from Denhall Quay to the Church of St. Mary and St. Helen (meet Denhall Quay at 9am);
3. Saturday 31st pm. Viking Thurstaston & West Kirby.  Walk from Thurstaston Visitor Centre to St. Bridgets Church (meet Thurstaston Visitor Centre at 12 noon)


Karmøy Viking Festival:   Wirral's fully trained Viking Navy - reinforced by volunteers from West Lancs & "The Five Boroughs" Danelaw - row the Draken Harald Hårfagre








Maps from Ingimund’s Saga: Viking Wirral and Viking Mersey




The Wirral & West Lancashire Viking anniversary Web page was set up in August 2002 with weekly updates to mark the 1100th anniversary of Norse Vikings settling in Wirral.   The year AD902 – as recorded in authenticated Irish Chronicles - marked the expulsion of Vikings from Ireland and their subsequent arrival and settlement of Wirral, a small peninsula between Wales and Liverpool, by largely Norsemen (originating from Norway). The Wirral Vikings, initially led by the Norwegian Viking INGIMUND, would have landed in their boats along the north Wirral coastline probably between what is now the lighthouse at Lingham (Old Norse lang-holmr), Hoylake/Meols (Melr), West Kirby (Kirkjubýr) and Thurstaston (Thorsteinn’s tún). They spread throughout the peninsula as far as south Chester and across the Mersey to populate South West and West Lancashire. And at their “Things” at Thingwall in Wirral and at another Thingwall in South West Lancashire they would have met regularly to discuss law and policy. We’ve put together here a collection of links to books, publications, newspaper articles and radio/TV links.  Because of copyright restrictions etc. we have not been able to include all that we would have hoped for, but let's explore!


Youtube – collections of videos on Viking Wirral & West Lancs

1.  Full collection of Viking videos from NCMH Outreach

2.  From Schools Key Stage 2/3 Vikings in Wirral web resource



“Viking” Tranmere promoted by winning Wembley play-offs again!
In May 2019 Tranmere, the only team in the English Football League with a Norse Viking name won at Wembley again: successive back-to-back promotions

1.    Connor Jennings goal, 119th minute – Wembley May 2019 (from Clayo & SkySports) includes Mike Dean celebration

2.    James Norwood's goal, 79th minute - Wembley May 2018 (from BT Sports)

3.    We’re on our way! – jubilation leaving Wembley (even the Stewards join in with us)


      For details of all our fixtures click here (including links to watching our games live on TV): heia Tranmelr!

Wirral’s Viking Trail
Wirral’s Viking Trail was first suggested in 2009 and published earlier in Wirral’s Waiting Magazine in 2016 as a pull out feature (from Issue 9, pages 37-39).  It was officially launched at the Upton Viking Festival, August 16th 2019.  Please see our Wirral’s Viking Trail  Facebook Page  and listen to this entertaining broadcast with Tony Snell on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Thingwall Viking Trail

A trail from the Viking noticeboard at the Bassett Hound pub, along Thingwall Lane to a safe viewing point at the back of Cross Hill is currently under negotiation with Wirral Council, the Vyners (landowners) & the Stables.  Proposed route under consideration.

National Viking Places of Interest – a Scientist’s top tips

Steve Harding gives his top tips (from a Scientist’s perspective) in this article in the Travel Supplement of The Guardian, published in 2012.

Meols Boat & The Battle of Brunanburh site – Watch this space!
1. Meols Boat    BBC2, Friday 7th February 2020. Our Coast, Series 1, programme 1: Merseyside.  The Meols Boat under car park sequence runs from 21min25sec to 29min25sec). Watch on BBC iplayer; see this short clip for viewers from Norway .  Following our initial successful GPR scans in 2007 we have been recently working with local community amateur group Wirral Archaeology.  A team of Scientists and Archaeologists have been assembled and a bid to the English Heritage Lottery Fund is about to be submitted. Permissions have been obtained from the Brewery.  Our plan is to:

·         expose the vessel for a short period

·         assess the vessel and get it scanned

·         take samples and get them analysed

·         give the chance for everyone (including Schools) to see it

·         and then put all the waterlogged blue clay back (an ideal preservative which stops bugs growing and preserves the wood fibre based on cellulose and lignin)

·         create a replica from the scans

If after analysis the vessel is deemed worthy of full excavation, advantage will be taken of advances in the consolidation of Archaeological wood through the Saving Oseberg project. 

2.   Battle of Brunanburh. Famous battle which occurred AD937, nearly 130 years before Hastings. Its location had been lost until the realisation that 1. Brunanburh is the old name of Bromborough and 2. Our identification in 2004 of the mystery name "Dingesmere" in the Anglo Saxon report of the battle as the "Thing's mere" - the waterway or wetland controlled or overlooked by the Viking "Thing" Assembly at Thingwall - a few miles from Brunanburh.   The vast majority of Academics accept Wirral as a location with Bebington Heath identified in 2004 as the likely main fighting area and the coastline from Heswall point around to Meols as the likely "Dingesmere".   The local amateur group Wirral Archaeology (including a group of former Police detectives) have since found a large number of artefacts in the area which are now being analysed by elemental and stable isotope analysis to see if they can be connected to the battle: a meeting of the Royal Society of Chemistry has been organized to help reinforce the databases required for sample provenancing.    See this collection of 26 videos on Youtube, the University of Nottingham Battle of Brunanburh site. The Battle itself was to decide once and for all whether Britian would become one single Imperial Power or remain as separate identities a split in perceptions which BBC's Neil Oliver described in his BBC Scotland broadcast remains with us today. King Athelstan of Wessex had declared himself "Rex Britannicus" king of all Britain and a combined northern alliance of Scots led by Constantine, Stratchclyde Welsh led by King Owain and a new wave of Vikings from Ireland led by Olaf "Anlaf" Guthfrithsson combined together to stop him. Later reports (Egils Saga) report Vikings - Icelandid Vikings - fighting also on the English side.  Both sides suffered heavy losses "never yet on this island has there been a greater slaughter of people killed by the edges of the sword" before returning to their their home territories. Although Athelstan was victorious the resistance of the Northern alliance proved decisive in what was to follow.  A recent presentation for Wirral Libraries "Viking Wirral after the Battle of Brunanburh" considers the consequences for the local Viking community and calls on a range of evidence from place names, personal names, archaeology (e.g. the West Kirby hogback stone), language (including the influence of the Stanley family and a famous 14th century poem full of Norse dialect) and DNA - the Wirral & West Lancashire Viking DNA project. 

Academic Books

  1. Wirral and its Viking Heritage (Paul Cavill, Stephen Harding and Judith Jesch, 2000), paperback. Amazon link (UK) and
  2. Viking Norway (Torgrim Titlestad, 2008), hardback, 405 pages, Saga Bok (Stavanger).  Order from Bokkilden Contains an Appendix: Norway’s “colony” of Wirral, Liverpool.
  3. The Battle of Brunanburh. A Casebook (edited by Michael Livingston, May, 2011), Liverpool University Press. Amazon link (UK) and
  4. Vikingblod - spor av vikinger i Nordvest-England - (Steve Harding & Stig Vaagan, Genesis Forlag, Oslo, December 2011) hardback, 314 pages. Bookis, Bestselger … og Bokelskere.
  5. Stability of Complex Carbohydrate Structures. Biofuels, Foods, Vaccines and Shipwrecks (edited by Stephen Harding, January 2013), Royal Society of Chemistry (based on a Meeting held at the RSC, Burlington House, London, September 2011).  Leading experts exchange ideas and consider the stability and degradation (mechanisms and measurement) of carbohydrate structures in areas as diverse as food, biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, biofuels and preservation of Viking boats from microbial decay.
  6. In Search of Vikings (book about the interdisciplinary nature of Viking Research – Science, Archaeology and History all coming together - edited by S. Harding, D. Griffiths and E. Royles) – December 31, 2014.



Popular Books

  1. VIKING MERSEY: Scandinavian Wirral, West Lancashire and Chester. (Stephen Harding, 2002), paperback, 240 pages, Countyvise Ltd. Amazon link (UK).



  1. VIKING DNA. The Wirral and West Lancashire Project (Steve Harding, Mark Jobling and Turi King, Foreword by Michael Wood. CRC Press, December 2010), paperback, colour 166 pages. and
  2. Viking Tranmere (Steve Harding, Countyvise, in conjunction with Tranmere Rovers in the Community, July 2014), paperback (colour), 74 pages.  Amazon link.
  3. Ingimund’s Saga: Viking Wirral. 3rd Edition. (Stephen Harding, with Foreword by – and Tribute to – Magnus Magnusson). October, 2016, paperback, 250 pages. Chester University Press. Shopfront.
  4. Science and the Vikings. The Hakon Hakonsson Lecture, 2016 (Stephen Harding). Largs & District Historical Society, July 2017, paperback, 44 pages. See Youtube of Lecture


Academic Publications

1.    North-West Mercia AD871-924. Article by F.T. Wainwright, originally published in the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire & Cheshire in 1942 and edited version reprinted in Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 19-42.

2.    Ingimund’s Invasion. Article by F.T. Wainwright, originally published in the English Historical Review in 1948 and edited version reprinted in Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 43-59.

3.    The Background of Brunanburh. Article by John McNeal Dodgson, originally published in the Saga Book of the Viking Society in 1957 and reprinted in Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 60-69.

4.    Early monuments of West Kirby. Article by W.G. Collingwood. Originally published in John Brownbill ed., West Kirby and Hilbre. A Parochial History, 1928 and reprinted in Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 84-97.

5.    Wirral Field Names. Article by F.T. Wainwright, originally published in Antiquity in 1943 and edited version reprinted in Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 98-99.

6.    Pre-Norman crosses of West Cheshire and the Norse settlements around the Irish Sea. Article by J.D. Bu’Lock, originally published in Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society in 1958 and in Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 70-83.

7.    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the Stanley family of Stanley, Storeton and Hooton. Review of English Studies, volume 30, pages 308-316 (1979). Article by Edward Wilson.  The 14th century poem is interesting from a Wirral perspective in that some of the (fictitious) action takes place in Wirral, the poem contains a significant proportion of Norse dialect words and a number of scholars such as Edward Wilson, Gervase Mathew and Andrew Breeze have associated the unknown poet with Sir John Stanley of Storeton Hall, Knight of the Garter.

8.    Scandinavian Wirral.  Article by Judith Jesch. From Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 1-10.

9.    From Scandinavia to the Wirral.  Article by Judith Jesch, with appendix by Simon Bean a silver ingot discovered in 1995 at Ness.  From Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 11-18.

10.  The Vikings and Victorian Merseyside.  Article by Andrew Wawn. From Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 108-124.

11.  Locations and Legends.  Article by Steve Harding on the location of names and features in Wirral, mapping the distribution of some Norse-derived names, and looks at some tenacious Victorian legends. From Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ed. P. Cavill, S. Harding & J. Jesch, 2000, pages 108-124.

12.  Battle of Brunanburh: extract from book by Paul Cavill – Vikings: Fear and Faith in Anglo-Saxon England, Harper Collins Publishers, London & Glasgow, 2001, pages 97-111. See also The Context of Brunanburh. Chapter by N.J. Higham in Names, Places, People.  An Onomastic Miscellany in Memory of John McNeal Dodgson (ed. A.R. Rumble and A.D. Mills), Paul Watkins, Stamford, 1997, pages 144-156.

13.  Viking Settlement in the Wirral. Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society, new series vol 78, 2003, pages 107-117. Article by Stephen Matthews suggesting Ingimund's arrival was part of a deal with Queen Aethelflaed.

14.  Scandinavian Settlement in West Cheshire - Stretching the Boundaries. Cheshire History, no. 43, pages 28-40 (2003/4). Article by Dan Robinson of the Grosvenor Museum, Chester: it includes a description of the Shocklach "Sleipnir" Horse.

15.  Revisiting Dingesmere. Journal of the English Place Name Society, October 2004, volume 36, pages 25-38. Article by Paul Cavill, Stephen Harding and Judith Jesch suggesting a solution to a mystery concerning the Battle of Brunanburh: Dingesmere = Thing’s mere or marr.

16.  The Wirral Carrs and Holms. Journal of the English Place Name Society, December 2007 volume 39, pages 45-57. Article by Steve Harding on the distribution of the carrs (ON kjarr) and holms (ON holmr) in Wirral - old Norse names associated with marshland - and their significance in terms of dialect (and in relation to the total absence of corresponding English names for the same features) - and possible relevance to the Battle of Brunanburh.

17.  The Neston cross: an exercise in community engagement. Abstract by Roger White, Steve Harding and Martin Cooper in Vikings in the 21st century (J. Jesch, C. Lee, J. Carroll and C. Callow, eds). University of Birmingham 17-18 December, 2007. Use of the latest scanning laser technologies to help construct a replica of a remarkable piece.

18.  The site of the battle of Brunanburh: manuscripts and maps, grammar and geography. Article by Paul Cavill in A Commodity of Good Names.  Essays in Honour of Margaret Gelling (edited by O.J. Padek and D.N. Parsons), Shaun Tyas, Donington UK, pages 303-319, 2008.

19.  Excavating past population structures by surname-based sampling: the genetic legacy of the Vikings in northwest England. Molecular Biology and Evolution, February 2008 volume 25, pages 301-309. Article by Georgina Bowden, Patricia Balaresque, Turi King, Ziff Hansen, Giles Pergl-Wilson, Emma Hurley, Stephen Roberts, Patrick Waite, Judith Jesch, Abigail Jones, Mark Thomas, Stephen Harding and Mark Jobling.

20.  Wirral: folklore and locations:  Chapter by Steve Harding in The Battle of Brunanburh (ed. Michael Livingston), Exeter University Press, UK, pages 351-364, 2011.

21.  Vikings in the Wirral. From Tranmere Rovers to the Royal Palace. The Pembrokian, July 2012 volume 36 page 7.

  1. Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Scandinavian Heritage of North-West England: Chapter by David Griffiths and Steve Harding in In Search of Vikings Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Scandinavian Heritage of North-West England (edited by S.E. Harding, D. Griffiths and E. Royles) CRC Press (Boca Raton, Florida), pages 1-32, 2014.
  2. Gamul Terrace and the Viking connection. Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society (JCAS) 2016, volume 86 (new series), pages 97–108. Article by Stephen Harding.


TV/Radio Broadcasts

  1. BBC Radio Merseyside, Tony Snell show, 5/2/01 ("The Vikings" - 20 min)
  2. BBC North West Tonight Broadcast 23/2/01 (News item by Mark Edwardson - launch of 2 new Wirral/Mersey Viking books, 3 min)
  3. ITV1 Granada Reports, 9/10/01 (News Item by Rachel Bullock: Derek Mellor from Neston - 3 min)
  4. BBC North West Tonight, 22/10/01 (News item by Alan Newry: Keith Sherratt from Frankby - 2 min)
  5. BBC Blood of the Vikings, 13/11/01 (clip from programme 2 - Brunanburh, 1 min)
  6. BBC Blood of the Vikings, 4/12/01 (clip from programme 5 - Wirral and the Lake District, 3 min)
  7. BBC Blood of the Vikings, 4/12/01 (clip from programme 5 - Bill Housley from Meols, 3 min)
  8. Channel One (Liverpool TV Station), 3/1/02 (News item by Nicola Dixon - 1100th anniversary of Viking settlements, 3.5min)
  9. BBC Radio Lancashire, 8/3/02 Patrick Waite talks about the forthcoming genetic survey of Wirral and W. Lancs.
  10. BBC Radio Merseyside, 1/5/02 Lucinda Smith describes the celebration of 1100 years of Norse Wirral.
  11. BBC Radio Merseyside, 1st broadcast 28/5/02 Where's Wirral? - BBC Sense of Place series, 30 min. Roger Phillips interviews Lorraine Rogers, Ben Harrison, Helen Renner, Steve Harding, and Scirard Lancelyn-Green. Brief excerpt.
  12. BBC Radio Lancashire, 5/5/02 Patrick Waite and Wigan MP Ron Rigby talk further about the forthcoming genetic survey of Wirral and W. Lancs.
  13. BBC Radio Lancashire, 14/11/02 Alison Brown covers the DNA Sampling session at Ormskirk the previous day.
  14. BBC Radio 4, Nature Series, 18/10/04 One of the Vikings favorite dishes was lobster. Lionel Kelleway talks to experts about a fascinating molecule that comes from the shell of this creature.
  15. BBC Radio 4, Today Programme, 20th December 2004, Review of Today's Papers - Battle of Brunanburh.
  16. BBC News at One. 20th December 2004 (3 min). Report following Steve’s initial suggestion of the identification of Dingesmere in the Battle of Brunanburh as Things-mere. The research paper, Revisiting Dingesmere Journal of the English Place Name Society, October 2004, volume 36, pages 25-38.
  17. BBC Radio 4, 6pm News, 20th December 2004, Mark Simpson Reports on the Battle of Brunanburh.
  18. BBC North West Tonight, 20th December 2004, News Item by Abbie Jones on the Battle of Brunanburh.
  19. BBC Radio Merseyside, Roger Phillips Show, 31st December 2004 (5 min) Report by Laura Fynn on Dingesmere and  the Battle of Brunanburh.
  20. BBC Lancashire Telling Lives Series, January 2005 (2 min) "My Grandad Said": short film by Gladys Armstrong about the origins of the Rimmers.
  21. BBC Radio Merseyside, Breakfast Show, 25th January 2005 (6 min) Wirral Head Ranger Martyn Jamieson and Steve Harding talking about "Dingesmere" - the "Things mere" on the Dee estuary.
  22. ITV1 Granada (North West England): LOST TREASURES, Series 1, Episode 4,  VIKINGS. Mark Olly and Stephen Harding go in search of Viking Treasures in Lancashire, Isle of Man and Wirral. Thursday 1st September 2005, 7.30pm. Extract of the 2nd half of the show.
  23. BBC North West (Inside Out Series) Monday 2nd October 2006, 7.30pm: The Wirral Vikings! Programme about the Wirhalh Skip Felag. (8 minutes, 160Mb)
  24. BBC Radio Merseyside, Linda McDermott Show, 13th December 2006 (4min). Report on new Web resource “Vikings in Wirral” for Wirral Schools (Key Stage 2/3). BBC link.
  25. BBC Radio Merseyside, 8th January 2007 (5min).  Steve Harding pays tribute to Magnus Magnusson.
  26. ITV1 Granada, Sunday April 29th 2007: LOST TREASURES, Series 2, Episode 1: mystery over old cliinker boat buried beneath a pub at Meols: Mark and Steve explore. Download high resolution avi version.
  27. RUV TV (Iceland) Kastljos, 21st June 2007 (2 min).  Icelandic Booker Prize winner Andri Snaer Magnason and Mike McCartney talk about the Viking Mersey book and Liverpool’s ICE2007 Festival
  28. BBC News24. 10th September 2007 (4min) News item on Ground Penetrating Radar studies on an old boat buried under a pub – and a hypothesis of what it might be.
  29. ITV1 Granada, 13th September 2007 (3.5min). Reporter Andy Bonner visits the Railway Inn, Meols and meets the team behind the Ground Penetrating Radar studies on the old boat underneath the pub.
  30. BBC Radio Merseyside, 26th November 2007 (4 min). Tony Snell Breakfast Show.  Looking forward to the Viking Genetics event at the David Lloyd Leisure Centre, Knowsley the following evening.
  31. NRK Radio, 27th November 2007 (6 min). Norgesglasset. Prof. Torgrim Titlestad (University of Stavanger) reviews the publication of the Viking Genetics paper in Molecular Biology and Evolution Introduction Notes Elink to Norgesglasset.
  32. BBC Radio Merseyside, 28th November 2007 (3 min). Tony Snell Breakfast Show.  Looking back at the Viking Genetics event.
  33. BBC North West Tonight, Evening News 28th November 2007 (3.5min). News item by Andy Gill reflecting on the publication of the Viking Genetics paper in Molecular Biology and Evolution.
  34. BBC Radio 4: Thingwall, DNA and the Vikings in Wirral, 20th May 2008 (8min).  And you can read about it here.
  35. ITV1 Granada, 20th July 2008 6pm (22 min) LOST TREASURES (Series 3, Episode 5): VIKINGS 3.  Mark and Steve go in chase of Vikings again…. and also this clip from Lost Treasures Episode 7: Anglesey, broadcast on 3rd August 2008.
  36. CityTalk105.9 (Liverpool), 26th July 2008 8.15am (6 min). Saturday Breakfast Show: Simon O’Brien talks with Steve Harding about the days Olsok08 Viking Churches Heritage Walk between Neston and St. Olave’s Chester.
  37. Sunday August 31st 2008: ITV1 Granada, 5.30pm. FRED’S FAMILY WALKS, Episode 3: Fred takes us for a walk in Little Scandinavia. ITV Weatherman Fred Talbot walks through a corner of Viking Wirral with Steve Harding.
  38. Wednesday November 26th.  Y-chromosome DNA testing as part of the Liverpool Nordic Festival event.  BBC Radio Merseyside coverage, ITV1 Granada coverage, BBC North West Tonight coverage
  39. BBC2, Saturday 3rd January 2009, 8pm-9pm GMT.  Neil Oliver gives the Scottish perspective on the Battle of Brunanburh - and emphasizes its importance for the UK.  “The Last of the Free: At the dawn of the first millennia there was no Scotland or England. In the first episode of this landmark series, Neil Oliver reveals the mystery of how the Gaelic Scottish Kingdom - Alba - was born, and why its role in one of the greatest battles ever fought on British soil defined the shape of Britain into the modern era “.  Repeat of broadcast on BBC1 Scotland in November 2008.  Direct link to the piece.
  40. WCR Radio (W. Miidlands), Monday 9th November 2009, 7pm, Philip Solomon show.  Philip chats with Steve Harding about the Vikings and DNA tests.
  41. BBC Radio Lancashire, Saturday 30th May 2010, 1pm. (8 minutes). Maria Felix-Vas talks to Steve about the DNA testing in North Lancashire and the earlier results for Wirral-West Lancs.  Part of the Viking Day at Lancaster Maritime Museum.
  42. BBC Radio Lancashire, Saturday 18th December 2010, 8.20am. (6 minutes). John Gilmore talks to Steve about the new book “Viking DNA: The Wirral and West Lancashire Project”.
  43. BBC Radio Lancashire & BBC Radio Manchester, Tuesday 18th January 2011, 10.25pm. (35 minutes). John Barnes talks to David Johnson (Tarleton) and David Swindlehurst (Preston) about DNA and their Viking ancestry.
  44. BBC Radio Lancashire, Thursday 10th February 2011, 2pm. (35 minutes) John Gilmore and the new Viking DNA book by Steve, Mark and Turi.
  45. NRK1 Norway (Rogaland), Friday 27th May 2011.  News item (in Norwegian) about volunteer training of recruit oarsmen for the Drakken Harald Fairhair Longship Project (news item runs from 8.21 to 11.36)
  46. BBC Radio Merseyside, Sunday 29th May 2011 5pm & Wednesday 2nd June 9pm (30 minutes). Roger Phillips asks Steve Harding how he got involved with the Vikings – he also talks about the Harald Fairhair project.
  47. ITV1 GranadaReports, Wednesday 6th July 2011 6pm (3 minutes). London may have the Olympics in 2012 but the NorthWest has the Draken in 2013! Andy Bonner and Steve Harding are at Meols & talk about the Draken Harald Fairhair project– and then Liverpool Victoria Boat Club put them through their paces…
  48. Channel 4, Wednesday 26th October 2011 (1 minute). Opening sequence from Come Dine with me “Welcome to Wirral, home of Tranmere Rovers, the only football league team with a Viking name”.
  49. BBC Radio Merseyside 18th November 2011 (3 minutes). Steve tries to persuade RM’s Roger Phillips to become a Tranmere fan as part of BBC’s Children in Need, live on air, Radio Merseyside.
  50. NRK Østlandet, 9th December 2011 (20 minutes). Interview with Stig Vaagan (in Norwegian/ i norsk) about the new book Vikingblod.
  51. BBC Radio Merseyside 27th January 2012, 11.58am (2 minutes). Roger Phillips on Steve’s award from Norway.
  52. BBC Radio Merseyside 27th January 2012, 5.55pm (5 minutes). Simon Hoborn also talks to Steve about his award from Norway.
  53. BBC Radio Lancashire 30th January 2012, 8.25am (5 minutes). Graham Liver talks to Steve about the Vikings in Lancashire – are they still here today?
  54. BBC North West Tonight 14th March 2012, 6.45pm (2.5 minutes). Andy Gill reports on the “Norwegian Knighthood”
  55. BBC Radio Merseyside 14th March 2012, 6.50pm (7 minutes). Lee Bennion (Drivetime) reports.
  56. BBC Radio Cumbria, 15th March 2012, 7.25am (2.5 minutes). Ian Timms reports.
  57. BBC2, Friday 1st June 2012. 9-10pm. The Great British Story. Part 2: The Vikings.  Presented by Michael Wood:  see this short excerpt (1 min 50 seconds).
  58. ITV1 Granada Reports, Friday 15th June 2012, 8pm. News item by Andy Bonner on the unveiling of the new Thingwall signposts in Wirral.
  59. ITV1 Granada Reports, Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th June 2013. Series of reports by Andy Bonner about the visit of North West’s Viking Navy to Norway and the “Taming of the Draken Harald Fairhair”.
  60. ITV1 Central News, Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th June 2013. Series of reports by Andy Bonner about the visit of East Midlands ‘Danelaw’ Viking Navy recruits to Norway and the “Taming of the Draken Harald Fairhair”.
  61. BBC Radio Nottingham, Friday 21st June 2013 (5 minutes) Andy Whittaker talks to Steve Harding and Beverley Rayner about rowing the Viking ship in Norway.
  62. BBC Radio Merseyside, Wednesday 23rd October 2013 (2 minutes) Famous BBC Presenter David Dimbleby being interviewed by Simon Hoban prior to BBC’s “Question Time”.  The Dimblebys are Tranmere Supporters!
  63. BBC Radio Merseyside, Tuesday 31st December 2013, 8.25am (6 minutes) Tony Snell (Breakfast Show) talks to Steve Harding about the “Making History” broadcast in the afternoon on Radio 4 – The Battle of Brunanburh
  64. BBC Radio 4: The Great War - the Battle of Brunanburh, Tuesday 31st December 2013, 3pm (13 minutes) BBC Presenter Michael Wood and Scientist Prof Steve Harding discuss the possible location of this lost Battle site. In case of difficulty click here .
  65. BBC Radio Merseyside, Saturday 12th July 2014. Draken Harald Hårfagre on its way – and the drama of the broken mast
  66. BBC Radio Merseyside, Friday 18th July 2014. Draken Harald Hårfagre visit – the crippled vessel arrives in Wallasey for repair.
  67. BBC Radio Merseyside, Monday 28th July 2014. Start of this year’s 2-day St. Olav Wirral Viking Heritage Walk & Pilgrimage.
  68. BBC Radio Merseyside, Wednesday 3rd Sept 2014.  VIKING TRANMEREHelen Jones chats with Steve Harding (10 mins) over the launch of the new book targeted at football supporters
  69. BBC Radio Merseyside, Friday 27th March 2015. Paul Salter chats with Tranmere fan Steve Harding (3 min) about the battle to maintaining the only football team with a Norwegian Viking name in the football league.
  70. Radio Clatterbridge 1386am (Hospital Radio), Friday 4th March 2016.   Viking Sagas Return to Wirral (16min). Andy Bonner chats with Steve Harding about the new In Search of Vikings book.  As per usual the chat soon degenerates into football!
  71. BBC Radio Lancashire, Wednesday 16th March 2016. John Gilmore Show. Steve Harding talks about Vikings in Lancashire, Place names, Metal Detectors, Genetics and the sell-out Ormskirk event.
  72. BBC Radio Merseyside, Saturday 23 July 2016. Paul Beesley Show. Steve Harding previews the St. Olav’s Day Viking walk (10 mins)
  73. WCR FM (Wolverhampton), Monday 10 July 2017. Philip Solomon Show. Steve and Philip chat again about all things Viking including the forthcoming St. Olav’s Day Viking walks (25 minutes)
  74. BBC Radio Merseyside, Tuesday 25 July 2017. Tony Snell Breakfast Show.  Steve Harding previews with Tony the St. Olav’s Day Viking walks (6 minutes)
  75. BBC Radio Northampton, Tuesday 12 December 2017, Tuesday 12 December 2017. Carson Wishart Show.  Steve Harding on Mike Creeth & the 70th anniversary of the discovery of H-bonds in DNA & Creeth’s 1947 for the model of DNA structure.
  76. BBC Radio Merseyside, Thursday 29 March 2018. Sean Styles and Steve Harding visit the Railway Inn, Meols.
  77. BBC Radio Merseyside, Thursday 21 April 2018. Sean and Steve visit Thingwall, Wirral
  78. BBC Radio Lancashire, Tuesday 22 March 2018John Gilmore talks to Paul Sherman (NW Heritage) and Steve Harding about the Viking Exhibition at Southport and DNA.
  79. BBC Radio Merseyside, Thursday 31st May 2018. Sean and Steve visit Brackenwood Golf course and talk about a battle where Vikings fought on both sides.
  80. BBC Radio Merseyside, Thursday 28th June 2018. Sean and Steve at Tranmere Rovers talking about ‘Sporty Vikings’.
  81. BBC Radio Merseyside, Thursday 26th July 2018. Sean and Steve in the studio discuss the St. Olav’s Day Viking Heritage walk taking place on Sunday 29th from the Viking churches of St. Bridgets West Kirby to St. Olave’s Chester.
  82. BBC Radio Merseyside, Thursday 18th October 2018. Sean and Steve visit the fantastic Viking Age cross fragments at Neston, and the beautiful reconstruction of the ‘Viking Lady’ cross
  83. BBC Radio Merseyside, Friday 16th August 2019. Tony Snell’s Breakfast show – Snelly and Steve Harding talk about the launch of the new Wirral Viking Trail and the Upton Viking Festival
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  85. BBC Radio Merseyside, Wednesday 29th July 2020.  Lisa Marrey talks to Steve about this years Covid shortened St. Olav's Day walk - and about the imminent launch of newly updated Vikings in Wirral Key Stage 2/3 Web Resource/ WebApp for Wirral Schools. 


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  33. Steve Harding gives talk on Wirral's relation with Norway post-Brexit. Wirral Globe, 7th February 2020.  Article by Richard Garnett on the recent talk by Stephen to the Prenton Literary & Debating Society.


Forthcoming Events

  1. 14th St Olav's Wirral-Chester Viking Heritage walks - Thursday eveining 29th July (St. Olav's Day) & Saturday July 31st 2021

  2. Royal Society of Chemistry meeting (joint with the Society of Antiquaries) - Monday, 13th June 2022.



     For details of all these events:


Recent Past Events (since January 2018):

o   Connor Jennings goal, 119th minute – Wembley May 2019 (from SkySports & Clayo)

o   James Norwood's goal, 79th minute - Wembley May 2018 (from BT Sports)

o   We’re on our way! – fantastic scenes leaving Wembley

o   Celebratory cake  Heia Tranmael!  

Events Archive (since 2002):

To see a record of all our events from 2002-2017:  click here


The Genetic Survey of Wirral and West Lancashire

The survey supported by the U.K. Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council under the prestigious Watson-Crick 50th Anniversary programme was commenced in 2002 by researchers from the Universities of Leicester and Nottingham and completed in 2007.  The survey focused on the male Y-chromosome.  This is a small (2%) part of a man’s DNA that is past along the male line with little or no change unlike the rest (88%) of our chromosomal DNA which is mixed up at each generation.  The male Y-chromosome can be linked with men’s surnames, and this enables us to get behind the large population changes that have occurred in urban areas such as Wirral and West Lancashire after the Industrial Revolution and the growth of Liverpool as a port since 1700.  The Wirral & West Lancashire project analysed the Y chromosomes of men from these regions who also have surnames known to have been present their in mediaeval times, and thus to bypass the recent major population movements in the region that may disturb the relationships between old genes and modern geography.  The results from the project were published in 2008 in the leading scientific journal Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press).   It can be downloaded from here as an open access article.  A more general publication Viking DNA: The Wirral and West Lancashire Project was subsequently published by CRC Press in 2010.   For more details about the background behind the project click here.  Although the survey has now finished individuals wishing to get their own DNA tested for ancestry can do so with one of the many commercial companies who can test now not just the Y-chromosome but also the rest (88%) of the chromosomal or “autosomal” DNA for a man and all (100%) of the chromosomal DNA for a woman.

14th St. Olav’s Wirral-Chester Viking Heritage Walks, Friday evening, July 30th & Saturday July 31st 2021
St Olav is the Patron Saint of Norway and every year around St. Olav's Day (29th July) Norwegians commemorate him with a series of events including several walks which go to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim where St Olav is buried. There is also a St. Olave's church in Chester originating from the Viking Age, St. Bridget's Church in West Kirby - also founded by the Vikings - with a dedication to St. Olav (stain glass window) and many fine Viking Age stone artefacts including one of two Viking hogbacks found on Wirral; and in between another church with strong Viking Age connections - the Church of St Mary and St Helen at Neston with fragments from at least 3 Viking Age Crosses one of which - the wonderful "Viking Lady" cross - has been beautifully reconstructed as a replica & displayed with the artefacts at the front of the church.   In partnership with Trondheim the centre of the main "Olsok" Festival, Wirral and Chester also commemorate St Olav with walks near St Olav's Day.  This year there will be 3 walks.  

  1. Thursday 29th: Viking Chester. Walk across Chester via St. Johns to St. Olave's (meet Chester Railway station at 6pm);

  2. Saturday 31st am. Viking Neston. Walk from Denhall Quay to the Church of St. Mary and St. Helen (meet Denhall Quay at 9am);

  3. Saturday 31st pm. Viking Thurstaston & West Kirby.  Walk from Thurstaston Visitor Centre to St. Bridgets Church (meet Thurstaston Visitor Centre at 12 noon) 

The background behind it is described in The Norseman magazine.   Many people have enjoyed the envigoration of this “mini” pilgrimage with Christian-Viking roots, including BBC Television’s Michael Wood, who joined us in 2011.
Please email Steve Harding if you would like to attend one, two or all three of the walks. For further details of the 14th St. Olav's Viking Walks 2021 please click this link

Stein Thue, in his book The Pilgrim Way writes the following: “When we now encourage people to walk the pilgrim ways it is to reap the benefits of outdoor life, special cultural experiences and personal reflection. The pilgrim dares to leave behind everything that is near and dear and wander into a new landscape, where he becomes a peregrine, a wanderer from far away.  In the middle ages he would break from everything around him to express his devotion, seek healing, or do penance.  Today a pilgrim seeks knowledge, recreation and self-fulfilment in such a way that perhaps the path is more important than the goal. The pilgrim understands that there is a path he must travel and that there is risk in the endeavour.  The benefits nevertheless outweigh the risk for those who dare embark on such and adventure, as on their return from their fulfilling wandering, they will shed at least one prejudice and replace it with at least one new idea”.  .  
We would like to stress that in common with the main St. Olav’s walks in Norway please note that all walkers/pilgrims do so at their own risk.  The organisers merely provide a guide***

Viking 1100th Anniversary Services at St. Olave’s .
To celebrate the 1100th (or approximately 1100th) anniversary of the arrival of Vikings into the area, in 2001 and 2002 re-enactments of the arrival of Ingimund and some “local skirmishes” were performed at Arrowe Park Wirral followed by “Olsok” services at St. Olave's Church in Chester.  The 2001 service was led by Pastor Oddgeir Bolstad (of the Scandinavian Church, Park Lane Liverpool). The 2002 service was led by Pastor Kjell Skartseterhagen, the St. Olav Pilgrimprest (Pilgrim Priest) from Trondheim.
Unfortunately the church is not in a state at the moment to do this again!  But view these clips from 2001 and 2002. St.Olave’s Service, August 2001 with Pastor Oddgeir Bolstad (approx 4min) and St.Olave’s Service, August 2002 with Pastor Kjell Skartseterhagen (approx 3min).

Earlier version for the Wirral Viking Heritage Trail
Here’s an earlier version I mapped out in 2009.  Some of these additional sites in this proposal could potentially still be included in the current trail, now published in Wirral’s Waiting Magazine but would need permissions of access etc.

Old Clinker Vessel under the Railway Inn, Meols
In 2007 ground penetrating radar experiments appear to have confirmed the existence of an old clinker built boat deep under a pub car park at Meols.  The boat had been discovered by workers digging foundations in the 1930’s and, after one of the workers had made a sketch of the end of the boat that was exposed, was covered over again.   An unpublished study made in 2007 using Ground Penetrating Radar seem to suggest the vessel is still there.   A hypothesis or suggestion has been made that it may possibly date back to the Viking age: the boat is of clinker design (overlapping planks) although it appears to have a rounded end.   Until the boat is dated, all we can say for sure is that it is very old! Download a transcript of a seminar given at the North Sea Conference at Gothenburg Museum, October 14th 2011.  Working in conjunction with Peter Jenkins, Tim Baldock, Howard Mortimer, Graham Burgess and other colleagues at Wirral Archaeology we will be resuming plans to expose, assess and date the vessel, postponed due to Covid.

Chester Viking Conference – “In Search of Vikings” 20th November 2010
Held at the Grosvenor Museum, & organized by Liz Royles and Steve Harding
Presentations: Introduction: Professor Stephen Harding; What’s in a name? The genetic legacy of the Vikings in the north of England: Dr. Turi King; Taking sides: North West Vikings at the battle of Tettenhall in 910: John Quanrud; The Dee/ Mersey Basin and the Archaeology of the Irish Sea Region: Dr. David Griffiths; The historic background to Viking settlement in the North West: Dr. Clare Downham; The Battle of Brunanburh: Dr. Paul Cavill; The Neston Cross reconstruction: an exercise in community engagement: Dr. Roger White; Viking-age rural settlement in Wirral: Dr. Rob Philpott; Viking Age Women: Dr. Christina Lee; Book Launch introductions: David Griffiths, Steve Harding and Rob Philpott.  If you wish to watch an on-line video of one of the above talks please click here and email us.

Harald Hårfagre Viking Ship & Wirral’s Viking Navy

Karmøy, Norway, June 2013: “Taming the Draken”.  50 men and women from Wirral & the East Midlands – trained principally by Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club – were given the opportunity to row the Draken Harald Hårfagre at the Karmoy Viking Festival, thanks to he generous support of Norwegian Businessman and Viking Enthusiast, Sigurd Aase.  The vessel sailed to Wirral July 2014, arriving in Wallasey Pool – an awesome spectacle finally returning – after having a new mast - August 3rd:  It is hoped the 35 metre vessel will return in 2018, with 100 willing and trained rowing volunteers ready for action.

Schools Web Resource: Vikings In Wirral
A web resource for Wirral Schools is also available produced in conjunction with the Wirral Learning Grid. It is targeted for Key Stage 2/3 as part of the National Curriculum. The original 2006 has now been exten


See this collection of over 100 videos:



Videos of Lectures: 

1.     Viking Wirral (~45 mins)

2.     Viking Genes (~45 mins) - mp4 version. (recorded by Alan Parker at the Wirral Bookfest, Wallasey Library, October 12th 2009)

3.     Science and the Vikings Watch video Mp3 Icon (University of Nottingham, KTOG Christmas Lecture, 2015)

4.     Science and the Vikings – (youtube) Hakon Hakonsson Lecture (Largs Viking Festival, 2016)


PDF Downloads

  1. Viking Wirral and the Dragon Harald Fairhair Longship Project (Wirral Bookfest Lecture, Birkenhead Central Library, October 11th 2011)
  2. Viking DNA (Gothenburg Museum Conference, October 13th 2011)
  3. Wirral Clinkership under a Pub (Gothenburg Museum Conference, October 14th 2011)
  4. Viking Wirral and the Dragon Harald Fairhair Longship Project (Liverpool Victoria Boat Club, January 9th 2012)
  5. Viking Wirral and the Battle of Brunanburh (St. Bridget’s West Kirby Community Centre Appeal Lecture, February 1st 2012)
  6. DNA and the Vikings  pdf file - Presentation Audio Mp3 Icon  (University of Nottingham, Knowledge Transfer Lecture, May 22nd 2013)
  7. DNA Detectives (U3A East Leake, December 9th 2013)


Magnus Magnusson (1929-2007)
Magnus was one of the country’s leading television presenters, a well-known Viking Scholar and a good friend of the region. We said goodbye with this tribute to Magnus on BBC Radio Merseyside, 11.40am, 8th January 2007.  Watch also this tribute to Magnus, 7.30pm, 5th February 2007.
Magnus on Brunanburh (1980);  Magnus as King Canute Magnus plays the Viking pan-pipes


Battle of Brunanburh AD937
The Battle of Brunanburh was one of the most defining battles in the history of the British Isles and, as described by BBC Broadcaster Neil Oliver in History of Scotland it determined whether Britain would become one imperial power or stay as separate identities.  Although the Northern Alliance of Scots, Strathclyde British and Norsemen from Ireland lost the battle against a combined Anglo-Saxon army from Mercia and Wessex - with heavy losses on both sides - the strong resistance proved decisive in what was to follow.  The Battle of Brunanburh is recorded as a contemporary (or near contemporary) poem in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, and almost certainly took place on Wirral. Compelling arguments had earlier been made for other locations, notably in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Northants and SW Scotland.  However the weight of scholarly opinion seems to be heavily in favour of Wirral… and internationally respected author Bernard Cornwell agrees and has recently come out strongly in favour of Wirral in his latest novel: The Empty Throne.  


The Wirral peninsula and Chester had not long earlier witnessed another major battle between “the armies of the Norsemen and the Danes” and the Mercian English – AD907.  Chester was also the place where the Anglo Saxons had one of their earlier crushing and most significant victories against the British - AD613.    Brunanburh was the old name until about 1732 for Bromborough.  The poem also gives the location of the coastal point of escape as Dingesmere which has now been satisfactorily explained as the “Things – mere or – marr”, the wetland or marshland associated with the Thing – the Viking parliament, at Thingwall on Wirral.




You can read more about Wirral’s link with the Battle of Brunanburh by following this link here …..   





Some Trivia:

1. Pushing Back The Tide?
Many people in North Wirral used to believe that the famous event where King Canute is alleged to have attempted to push back the tide took place between Meols and Moreton shore. This tradition – which went back generations - may have been inspired by the constant flooding of the area before the sea defences were built coupled with romanticism of the Victorians.  Indeed, and apparently as a bit of fun a special “Canute Chair” was constructed by the Cust family of Leasowe Castle with the inscription “sea not come hither and wet the soles of my feet” but was sadly broken up in the 1950’s.  Maybe there is a chance of another construction, but in the meantime, see my attempt to push the tide back in this clip (Vikings didn’t have horns on helmets by the way!).  Magnus Magnusson also has a go on the banks of the Thames (I think) in this clip.

2. Definition of Scouse
1. a stew made from leftover meat. This is a shortened form of "lobscouse" and the dish is very similar to "lapskaus" in Norway. Variations include “labskovs” in Denmark, lobskows in Anglesey, lapskojs in Sweden and labskaus in Northern Germany. A comparison of the two is given included in our new book Vikingblod (in Norwegian); 2. the accent/dialect spoken by a person from Liverpool. The precise origin of the word is uncertain and the subject of current research.  You can buy some of the Danish stuff here.


Viking Tranmere

Wirral’s Tranmere Rovers (Trani-melr = "Cranebird/heron sandbank”) is the only team in the English Football League with a Norwegian Viking name. Many Scandinavian supporters come over for a weekend and watch the big clubs like Man Utd., Liverpool and Everton on the Saturday/Sunday and watch Tranmere if they are playing on Friday night, but not many realise the connection. See links below for directions etc. and tickets. SEASON TICKETS LONG DISTANCE SEASON TICKETS (for fans who live more than 75 miles away)

·         TRANMERE ROVERS: Official Tranmael Rovers site, Directions to the Tranmael Stadium - Wirral, Tranmere supporters club forum, BBC match reports, news and fixtures, Tranmæl - Tronderlag Norway, Panoramic view of the ground, Tranmael jingle (17 seconds), Tranmere Rovers Viking Page; Viking Tranmere book

·         Tranmere Rovers Supporters Norway


      *****Tranmere were praised in the House of Lords (see this piece by Lord Holmes of Richmond  - click on Lord Richmond on the right panel) and on Radio 4 for its outstanding work with Disabled supporters and the Community*****     



The West Lancashire Heritage Association.  The WHLA were a tremendous help for the Wirral and West Lancashire Viking DNA Project.  Special thanks to Bob Ireland, Stuart Elliot and the late and dearly missed Patrick Waite.   NW Heritage Page – includes the latest on West Lancashire finds; Centre for the Study of the Viking Age, based at the University of Nottingham; Vikings in Wirral (Key Stage 2/3) for Schools (currently being updated for release in September 2020)

Wirhalh Skip-Felag Anglo-Scandinavian re-enactment group; Steve Scaysbrook's fine site ; Tranmere Rovers Supporters Norway; Havrsfjord Festival, Stavanger; Harding/Hardinger page

 The 12 string Harding Fiddle (Hardingfele or Hardanger Fiddle) : the National Instrument of Norway; Norsk Tre (Norwegian Wood): courtesy of the Hardingkvartetten (The Harding Quartet); Visit Kinsarvik, Hordaland, home of the Hardings


Last but not Least:  Vikings In Wirral Web Resource
Highly acclaimed Schools Web Resource (see Times Education Supplement feature) set up by the Wirral Learning Grid in conjunction with Steve Harding and Mike McCartney in 2006 – currently being updated.


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Hilsener fra Steve, Tranny the Heron, Ingimund…and Wirral's Viking Navy!




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