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Los Angeles Essays:

Jeremiah Borenstein Axelrod
"Los Angeles is not the city it could have been:"
Cultural Representation, Traffic, and Urban Modernity in Jazz Age America

Iain Borden and Jane Rendell
Private Reflections / Public Matters - an American Perspective

About this page

We should like to use this page for the following purposes:

  • To publish a selection of the papers given at the Project's last Conference 'New York, Chicago, Los Angeles: Cultures and Representation', Birmingham, Sept. 3-4, 1999, and also the proceedings of the Project's final Conference to be held in Nottingham in Sept. 2002.

  • To invite international scholars of established reputation and postgraduate students who work in areas related to the urban cultures of the three cities to publish their essays as work-in-progress on this Site.

  • To establish a virtual community of scholars, in keeping with our efforts to develop electronic modes of urban research.

We hope that the three city pages will form a high quality resource of essays on American urban studies, with the added benefit that the essays will be open to commentary by user/readers, thus initiatiating a virtual form of feedback and discussion. Submissions will be subjected to the usual processes of peer review. The essays will be subject to full copyright protection so authors should not be concerned that their material will be available unprotected on the web. Lastly, publication in electronic form does not preclude publication in paper format. If you are interested in submitting an essay, which is part of your on-going research, please contact Anna.Notaro@nottingham.ac.uk