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From Doughnotts to D H Lawrence and Rock City to Robin Hood, the City of Nottingham boasts an abundance of food, entertainment, culture and events that are bound to be everyone's cup of tea – or 200 Degrees coffee!  


And if Beeston Brownies and bio-gas buses are not enough to tickle your fancy, the city's two universities mean Nottingham caters especially well for its vibrant and diverse student population. Don’t just take our word for it – we've been rated the 3rd Best Student City on Student Crowd, as well as 26th in the Top 30 Student Cities in the World according to THE Campus Advisor. What's not to love?  


Take a look at our recommendations below, get your best walking shoes on, and prepare for a cultural extravaganza filled with food, music, entertainment and attractions. You'll be saying "ayup duck!" in no time! 


Life In Notts

Whoever you are and wherever you are coming from, Nottingham is the place to get stuck in, try something new, and start living your best student life. Throughout your studies, it can even become the place that shapes and defines your university career (so much so you won't want to leave!) You'll traverse all the popular student haunts and probably discover some favourites of your own too.  


We've put a few of our "best bits" together (or so we think of them, anyway). To see what's going on right now, you can take a look on LeftLion or Visit Nottinghamshire too.   


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From quick-bite street food to something a bit more luxurious, you'll often hear a buzz around Nottingham's culinary scene from local residents and visitors to the city.



Stepping off the bus or tram, you will be greeted by a sensory cocktail of tantalizing tapas, bustling bakeries, and mouthwatering meals from across the globe. The city is littered with vegan cafés and options to suit all budgets. We're pretty unique too, with a cat café, pour-your-own wine bar and two Michelin starred restaurants as part of our vast portfolio. 



Hockley is a great part of the city to begin your foodie awakening. Try a carbonara that feels like a holiday in Rome at Sexy Mama Loves Spaghetti or put your chopstick skills to the test at BonzaiFor something closer to home, you will always find a selection of Beeston Brownies in the Portland Café on campus – a must-try for anyone arriving in town! Why not also  check out Portland Food Court, home to on campus restaurants such as Saijokai Pan Asia & Love Joes.


Honestly 10/10 for food, drinks, shopping and transport!

Student Crowd 

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Great range of entertainment and shopping. 3 mins from everything. Lots of clubs and nights out
Student Crowd


From lectures and library sessions to society meetings and sports training, your calendar can get full pretty quickly when you're a student. We know how important it is to take the time to relax, unwind and catch up with friends – and Nottingham is the perfect place to do just that!  



The city boasts a host of cinema venues to suit all tastes; from cult classics and French flicks at Broadway to the latest budget Rom-Com at the Savoy – and most will offer a student discount. If you're looking for something a little more highbrow, we have a great theatrical offering too. The Nottingham New Theatre is England’s only entirely student run stage, making it a great place to try something different and support any thespian friends!  



If the stage or screen isn't really your thing, fear not. See your favourite band at our widely known Rock City venue, take your mates bowling, or give mini golf a go. It's impossible to capture it all, but the city's very own LeftLion magazine gives it a crack here. You'll never be bored!  




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Having two universities in one city means Nottingham's night scene really puts the work in to provide the best experiences for any night owls out there.  


If you're venturing past the Student's Union, you'll find Ocean (Nottingham's only fully-student nightclub) or Stealth if you're interested in its state-of-the-art sound system. Bodega offers themed music nights and a social beer garden if that's more your thing and if you want a bit of everything in one place, Pryzm might be the place for you.  


Your Student's Union can direct you towards events and will sometimes organise tickets too. Staying safe is the most important thing – the N34 night bus service runs between Beeston and the City and makes stops at University Park campus along the way.  


If drinking isn't your thing, there's plenty on offer too; you should never feel pressured to consume alcohol, wherever you are, and our ResX teams organise a range of events at all times that are completely alcohol free.

Very pretty university, great nightlife and social uni!
Student Crowd


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There's so many events ran by the university and by the students union. There's always something going on which keeps it exciting. 
Student Crowd

If you've made it this far,  


A) you must really love Nottingham!




B) you must be wondering what else there could possibly be left to know 


Well, we're using this section to name the key events that normally happen throughout the city across the year. These are the book-tickets-early-invite-your-mates-from-home-do-not-miss kind of things. 


The legendary Goose Fair has its home in Nottingham and dates back over 700 years. It normally happens in early October and even if you don't like rides, it's definitely worth going for the doughnuts!  


Just a few weeks later you'll also be able to wander through Nottingham's Winter Wonderland Christmas market full of unique gifts, festive food, and The Winter Wonderland Ice Bar


Fast forward to Summer and it's time for Splendour - Nottingham's one-day annual music festival held at Wollaton Park and usually with a pretty impressive line up! 


We're only naming a few here, but it's worth always keeping up to date with what's happening in the city – you'll be acting like a local in no time.




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Last minute shopping for Hall Formals or need fancy dress for a Society night out? If you do find yourself in the mood to shop, we can certainly direct you to some good places. 


You'll find all of your popular high street names littered across the city centre, with intu Victoria Centre, Clumber Street and Lister Gate having most of the big ones. If you want to do your bit and avoid fast-fashion at all costs, Cow is a popular vintage haunt for our students and you can always grab a bargain at White Rose, a recycled fashion outlet with multiple sites across town. You will often find a 'Vintage Kilo' sale in the Portland Building on University Park campus too!  

You already know we speak very highly of campuses, but did you know we have a Green Flag Award too? It recognises University Park as an excellently managed green space full of landscape features, a variety of tree species, and contemporary gardens. It is pretty nice! 


The City of Nottingham has also published an action plan defining its ambition to become a carbon-neutral city by 2028. Oh, and Nottingham City Transport runs the largest fleet of bio-gas buses in the world too! 


You will always find plenty of sustainability-focused initiatives on campus, and we encourage you to practice these "greener" behaviours in your own accommodation too.  



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When you told your friends and family you were thinking of studying in Nottingham, you were probably overwhelmed by mentions of Robin Hood and anecdotes of the city's two football teams. That's what we love about it – there's always something to get people talking! 


We're a UNESCO City of Literature with links to D H Lawrence, Alan Sillitoe and Byron to name a few – perfect for any bibliophiles out there. You can visit Byron's ancestral home, Newstead Abbey, and if you like the look of that, you'll love Wollaton Hall – a gorgeous piece of history overlooking expanses of green space and a deer park (fun fact: the hall features as Wayne Manor in The Dark Night Rises!). Of course, on sunny summer days you’ll be making the most of Highfields Park, located right next to University Park. 


Seeing as we could talk about the wonderful cultural gems of the city forever, we'll just list them below instead.  


Nottingham CastleCity of CavesNottingham ContemporaryGalleries of JusticeThe Robin Hood ExperienceNottingham Forest FC & Notts County FCTrent Bridge Cricket GroundGreen's WindmillOld Market SquareNottinghamshire PrideTheatre Royal and Royal Concert HallYe Olde Trip to Jerusalem (England's oldest inn)... we could go on! 


And whatever you do, make sure you don't forget to snap a selfie with Robin Hood (the statue, that is)!  

Nottingham is a brilliant city and I'd recommend it to anyone!
Student Crowd


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I love Nottingham uni. Lovely city, with nice scenery, good transport and nice centre.
Student Crowd


Okay, we know it's not the most exciting of subjects, but how are you going to get to know the city if you don't know how to get around?!  


Nottingham City Transport is Nottingham's award-winning bus network connecting each and every inch of our city. They have a really handy "Plan Your Journey" tool on their website, which tells you exactly which bus you need to get and where. Check it out here


Nottingham Express Transit (NET) is the city's tram system which covers the city centre and the University with trams as frequent as every 7 minutes. See where it can take you here.  


We do of course also have Nottingham Station which you may use to travel between home and University, or to hop on a train and visit somewhere new one weekend with friends. You will also find more bus services departing from Victoria Bus Station and Broadmarsh Bus Station. Who knows where you will end up?!  



Joining Our Community

 Accommodation is a pivotal part of your student experience here at Nottingham. It's the place where you will make new friends, create new memories and, of course, become a member of our warm and welcoming community in the heart of the East Midlands - both on campus and beyond. We hope that it will become a place you can call "home" pretty quickly.   


With all the excitement and adventure of coming to Nottingham it is easy to feel lost at times and that's okay. Big changes in your life can be overwhelming and it's important to know you have support. You can reach out to the ResX team who can signpost you to University services or help get you settled into University life. 






















If you weren't already completely and utterly excited about becoming a fully-fledged Nottingham resident, we certainly hope you are now.


Why not drop by and say "ayup?" Our offer holder and open days run throughout the year and create the perfect opportunity to explore the city beyond the campus. Find out the next dates here.